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A couple of weekends ago I went down to Wollongong to work on the treating team for the this year’s Regionals. It was a marathon day, and a huge amount of fun! Here’s a rundown…

Saturday night: Pack car. Get everything ready for the morning. Discuss route to Wollongong with my wife, Kate, who went to uni there. She assures me the trip is one and a half hours… Set alarm for 5am, aiming to leave at 6am.

Midnight: Woken by Olivia, my 1 year old daughter, who needed a bit of Daddy time to get back to sleep. Lie awake afterwards unable to get the nagging thought out of my head that despite my wife’s obvious intelligence, I think she’s wrong about how long it will take to get to the ‘Gong.

4:30am: Woken again by Olivia, who really wants some more Daddy time… And so the day starts…

5:30am: Manage to get in the car early, and head off for the “Gong. Still worried about the time.

6:30am: Suspicions confirmed: Kate got it wrong. Its going to take more like 3 hours to get there.

8:15am: Arrive at Wollongong and the stadium. Make my way to the athlete’s village and set up to start treating.

Morning: Work with a range of athletes, including: a number of the members from both Crossfit Active teams. Consequently watch both teams beat the current record for the next workout, and one of the teams subsequently make second in the competition; and one of the individual women competitors April Henrig. Consequently watch her come a very close second in her heat for the chipper. She finishes 12th overall.

Lunch: Fail to realise that lunch is provided for the staff, so I wander up the road and find a Zambrero’s. Walk in and ask for a burrito bowl. The person serving me asks “Is that a Crossfit bowl?” Really?!? Am also able to catch up with a few of the other peeps from Adapt, and talk about treating the athletes. Seveo asks with eagerness if I’ve been able to get my hands on Pip Malone, and I have to explain why that question is inappropriate. Oh, Steve…

Afternoon: Treat a bunch more athletes. Catch up a bit with Antony Lo, and a couple of chiros I went to uni with, all of whom are on the treating team. As the day draws to a close, things quieten down a bit, so between people I get to watch more of the heats. I also spend too much money on merchandise…

End of the afternoon: Everyone gets together in the auditorium to watch the final heats for the individual womens’ and mens’ comp. There is so much noise, people stamping and shouting. Amazing atmosphere! And then watching those athletes… The best of the best in Australia, and the things they can do is humbling…

5:45pm: Back in the car, heading back to Canberra. Tired but pretty pumped after what I’v just seen.

7:00pm: Starving, and I know I’ll be too tired to eat when I get home, so decide to make an uncharacteristic pit-stop at Maccas. Walk in to find the place crammed with people wearing “Crossfit” t-shirts, and looking slightly shifty as they inhale their Big-Macs… All except Steveo, who was devouring his Crunchie sunday with all the pride and possession of a lion eating a fresh-caught gazelle on the savannah.

9:00pm: Back home. Collapse into bed.

11:00pm: Olivia welcomes me home by demanding some more midnight Daddy time… Oh well, at least you know there are some things you can always rely on.

I’ve gotta say, watching the guys and girls competing was inspirational. I saw Rory Boyden, the only Australian (man or woman) to finish the chipper in the time cap (if you don’t know what the workout was, we did a scaled down version last Thursday). I saw a few of the athletes in the final workout pump out almost all 64 pull-ups unbroken. And probably most tellingly: I saw the same athletes finish the workout, then walk back out onto the floor to yell encouragement at their fellow competitors. Big hearts at work, in more than one way…

We do this thing called Crossfit not just to get fit, but to better ourselves. To find our limits and go beyond them. Getting involved in the culture around the sport, doing more than just turning up to the gym, can really motivate you. Watching these athletes, at the top of their game, pushing the boundary in front of a screaming crowd of people gets you pretty pumped up! Maybe most of us will never compete in the regionals, but the spirit is the same. So lets see what we’re made of…

Yours in Crossfit.

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    Awesome post, Sam. It was a great weekend.You were lucky enough to catch Steveo after his “miracle sweet potato fries” before which he was in a more sour disposition.

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