Roll the dice, flip a coin

Saturday 31.05.14

Partner WOD – 30 Minute Time Cap

1. Run 200m EACH (tag team style)

2. Roll the dice to decide what you will both do:

1 = Pull Up’s
2 = Power Cleans @ 60 / 40kg
3 = Box Jumps @ 30’ / 24’
4 = HSPU’s (scale: Strict Push Up’s)
5 = KB Swings (Russian) @ 32 / 24kg
6 = Your choice of any of the above

3. Flip the coin to decide how many reps you and your partner will do:

Heads = 10 Reps
Tails = 20 Reps

4. Smash out your fate then go back to 1. and repeat the fun all over again!!


Pet Rock and Penalties:
Each team will be given a pet rock, you must not put it down/drop it AT ANY TIME, OR you will have to do a 15 Burpee buy back (each) to rejoin the fun! Like last time….. sabotage is allowed, but keep it clean kids!
Bottleneck: Don’t create a bottleneck at the dice roll / coin flip – get this done while your partner is on their 200m run
Share the workload: You can split the reps up between you both however you want, but do split them

Post times, notes and sabotage success to comments

Sharing is Caring ;)
  • Ray Simonsen says:

    Got to work out with the big dog (Coach B). Thank you Ben, it was awesome, and I think it pushed me a little more than normal in the running because I didn’t want to let you down.

    We got through 10 rounds of mostly 20 reps. plus 2 sets of burpees each. 1 set from Sam the evil Chiro and the second set because of Ben “Butter Fingers” Warren who “accidentally” dropped the Seal 4 seconds before the clock ran out.

    • Sam B says:

      Hey, sabotage is allowed, and to be honest I was really aiming at making Coach B do burpees (revenge – you understand). You were just collateral damage… Oh, and one more thing… “Mwah-Ha-Ha-Ha-Haaa”

  • Sam B says:

    Worked with Brian. I think we did 6 rounds, and 2 rounds of burpees, thanks to Coach B once (who disingenuously claimed he was helping me be a better athlete… yeah, right), and once thanks to Erik (who is heading to Bali for a month, supposedly for a family holiday, but I think it is to avoid payback – that’s right, run, Erik, run away!)

    Lots of fun this morning, but with all the sabotage occurring, I’m not sure if it was about developing our fitness or our paranoia…

  • Mark says:

    Good workout and fun working with with Erik and Amanda.

    And today – officially nailed butterfly pullups. Happy.

    • Heinex says:

      You nailed them indeed!
      Fun day.
      Just wish I could have got my hands on Hudson & Loven’s seals.

  • Cindyd says:

    Normally Steveo & I use our evil powers against each other, but today we joined forces for the first time.

    8.30am sess we did: cleans, cleans, kbs, pull ups, hspu, cleans, kbs, cleans, kbs & 1 set of Burpees.

    Then a few of us decided to do the 9.45am session, its seems to be becoming a habit when the WOD is roll the dice that we do it twice.

    9.45 looked like.. kbs, pull ups, hspu, box jumps, pull ups, kbs, cleans…something like that, no burpees, but we spent alot of time sabotaging others.

    Great morning in the box, lots of sabotage fun & I even enjoyed having a little “cuddle” with Coops on the mats, he probably doesn’t feel the same way.

    Steveo had great butterfly pullups this morning, well done. That was weird I just gave Steveo a compliment, let’s make it a once off thing 😉

    • Steve-o says:

      Yay! I done got good pull-ups thens a compliment!
      Awesome session today but agreed, this friendliness towards each other just feels awkward and forced. Let’s be frenemies again?

      Also: post-wod (which was post-wod) got to play with the 10 x legless rope climbs and short sprint, I was certain I was going to die 5 rds in but managed to do all 10 in 5:08 – great fun! Ben M definitely kept me going

    • Coach B says:

      Cindy, that wasn’t a cuddle – that’s what is commonly known as a suplex in the WWE and it was awesome.

  • eliza says:

    Worked with Rach 🙂

    Pretty fun and we did 1 of everything and a repeat of cleans and box jumps. I was awesome on rolling the dice and got 6 and heads for all the rolls except 1!
    thanks for the fun

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