Saturday 31.05.14

Partner WOD – 30 Minute Time Cap

1. Run 200m EACH (tag team style)

2. Roll the dice to decide what you will both do:

1 = Pull Up’s
2 = Power Cleans @ 60 / 40kg
3 = Box Jumps @ 30’ / 24’
4 = HSPU’s (scale: Strict Push Up’s)
5 = KB Swings (Russian) @ 32 / 24kg
6 = Your choice of any of the above

3. Flip the coin to decide how many reps you and your partner will do:

Heads = 10 Reps
Tails = 20 Reps

4. Smash out your fate then go back to 1. and repeat the fun all over again!!


Pet Rock and Penalties:
Each team will be given a pet rock, you must not put it down/drop it AT ANY TIME, OR you will have to do a 15 Burpee buy back (each) to rejoin the fun! Like last time….. sabotage is allowed, but keep it clean kids!
Bottleneck: Don’t create a bottleneck at the dice roll / coin flip – get this done while your partner is on their 200m run
Share the workload: You can split the reps up between you both however you want, but do split them

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