Oh the joy of wall balls…

Thursday 22.5.14 – Quick Update from Coach B

A modified (scaled) version of Event 6 from this year’s CrossFit Games Regionals.

For time (21 Minute time cap)

  • 800m run (1/2 Mile)
  • 30 Over the box, box jumps. 24″/20″
  • 30 Deadlifts @ 80kg/60kg
  • 30 Wall Balls
  • 30 Ring Dips (push-ups)
  • 30 Wall Balls
  • 30 Deadlifts
  • 30 Over the box, box jumps
  • 800m run

Post times and/or completed reps to comments and/or totalWOD


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Coach B

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  • Sharon Simonsen says:

    Great to do a good cardio WOD!

    I was scaled to 16inch box and push ups rather than ring dips. I got to 28 push ups. I was happy with this as my guess was that I might get to about 10 push ups.

  • Jason says:

    Good session working with Coops. Wall balls destroyed me today…so on that note I’m going to start subbing out my after class assault bike rides for wall balls – need to tame that goat.

  • Ivan L says:

    Yeah, what a cracker of a workout. I finished the box jumps with 5 seconds to go. Pondered running to the door (for show) and then thought better of it and collapsed on the floor. I reckon it’s a very good idea to pace it a bit more slowly early, because the damned thing just keeps on going, and going, and going…. Still, it’s one where you feel good about yourself for having persevered.

  • Olivia says:

    Finished the second set of box jumps at 20:20 and Coach B advised not to go for the run (to my delight) – lay flat on my back for the remainder of the time!
    Kinda enjoyed this WOD (afterwards more than before), felt really sick as we started out for the run – probably cos I went in the second heat and knew what I was in for! and then felt sick on the last 10 reps of the second set of box jumps – probably cos I was actually spent at that stage. 😛
    Paced it really well and just kept chipping away – subbed push ups for ring dips, sets of 5 for deads and wall balls – should have done 6’s as that would have meant less sets haha

  • zacbax says:

    Really liked this but my legs felt awful crapping up on the 1st lap thought I was in trouble but managed to get to 25 of the box jumps done really happy with this fun one today

  • Kylie says:

    Was hoping that we were going to do snatch drills or something where I could pace out my morning… nope!

    Finished the second set of deadlifts, with push-ups subbed for ring dips. The push-ups were the limiter but I was pretty flat overall and am feeling super drained today!

  • Brendo says:

    Rocked up thinking this would be another easy Thursday. Nope. Then again, what was I thinking – this is CrossFit, nothing stays the same.

    Got through to 15 DLs on the home run. Did ring dips. Bugger me, I’m still hurting.

  • Steve-o says:

    Recovering from a cold + this WOD was not fun. Happy with how far I got and really enjoyed this workout, reminded me of 14.4, long chipper (and I was sick then too).
    Got 1 over box jump in on the way back down. The first set of box jumps got me really dizzy and sick and I didn’t recover well from there.
    Awesome work by James & Jos in 10am, finishing after buzzer but still finishing it! Great stuff!

  • Jocelyne says:

    Finished the wod in 22:40 something, proud of my effort, subbed ring dips for push ups though, something to work on..

  • James says:

    Had an awesome time this morning – except for that business with the workout. Some of you may have seen the pictures on fb….. 21:42 minutes of pain. I had no idea I was so close to finishing within 21 – just assumed the time was like 24mins when I came in. Good ole fashioned slogfest.

  • Sam B says:

    All I can say is why, oh why didn’t I choose the blue pill?!? Went for ring dips instead of push ups this morning, and oh boy were they tired quickly after those lovely wall balls… Got to 6 wall balls after the ring dips.

  • David N says:

    9 of the last box Jumps and everyone was impossible after dead lifts.
    Deadlifts in sets of 5
    Substituted push ups for ring dips.

  • Tom R says:

    Got half way through ring dips. I really suck at these. I can barely kip them up and struggle even getting down sometimes. That’ll be my next focus.

  • Ray Simonsen says:

    22 Deadlifts of the second set. I was thinking on Sunday as I watched event 6 what it would be like… Now I have a vague idea. Nothing more disheartening after finishing the push ups/ring dips than having to go back and do more wall balls.

  • Leanne says:


    Took it pretty slow on my run as couldnt let my calves go into tight balls like they usually do if I push it even a little… super happy with my 16″ box jumps doing 5 at a time and then rest (used to have to talk myself into each jump)…started deadlifts at 40kg and finished them at 60kg (need to test my 1RM)…wall balls always a battle and then timed out at 6 push ups… SO HAPPY with that effort although i did have a little more to give (need someone to yell at me!!!)

    well done to Kayla who completed it Rx and only 20-30secs over the cap

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