Power Cleans, Squats then Crash the Bus!

Wednesday 20.05.14

Strength A:

  • TnG Power Clean Triple

Strength B:

  • 3×3 Back Squats @ 85% (maintain load across all sets)


21-15-9: (aka crash the bus)

  • Box Jumps @ 24/20″
  • T2B

Post loads and reps to comments.

Other News:

  • Friday’s (23.05.14) 6:30am class has been cancelled due to the ACTEW turning off the water for the whole of Oatley Court. The water will be off for an hour and while I could just tell everyone to go to the toilet before showing up to train at the 6:30am, we seriously cannot use toilets, taps, etc. for what could be up to 2 hours.
  • No other classes have been affected and we’ve added a 5pm class to look after all the 6:30am crew who missed out.
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  • Fee says:

    A: only did bar then with 5’s on.
    B: 65kg felt solid
    C: about 5:45 or so (2x sit ups instead of T2B, so 42, 30, 18) pretty sure I crashed that bus!!!!

  • Sharon Simonsen says:

    A. Worked up to 45kgs, didn’t try higher due to fatigue
    B. Went slightly lower than 80% with 60kgs
    C. Scaled to 16 inch box and knee raises, finished in 7.24.

  • Ivan L says:

    A. A pretty sloppy 80kg. Should learn not to open my mouth when Coop passes by!
    B. I think [email protected], [email protected] Was happy with this but when I checked MyWod later I found I had done 107.5 a week or two ago.
    C. 4:51(?) but subbed steps ups for box jumps to protect knee.

  • Jason says:

    A. Got to 75kg pretty quickly then did probably 3 more sets at that concentrating on technique and not rounding my back.
    B. Just loaded the bar for rory here – my back was a little ginger
    C. 6:06 I think – pretty happy with that.

  • Kylie says:

    A: 55kg for a double, failed the 3rd rep. This was last weeks 1RM – happy!
    B: Worked at 55kg. Would have liked to go a bit heavier but my tech wasn’t right so didn’t push it.
    C: Crashed the bus, finishing after the time cap at 9:03. Super stoked. T2B were really consistent and felt easier (still in single reps). Had a bit of a stack on the box in the round of 9, with a nice bruise coming up on my arm to prove it!!

  • Mark says:

    A: Success at 70kg. Tried 80, got one up, but then it was all ‘touch’ and no ‘go’.
    B: 80kg
    C: 4:46. First round of T2B unbroken, but that burned me out badly. I guess you’re not supposed to crash the bus on the first corner!

  • James says:

    Awesome 10am crew this morning.
    A: 90kg for the triple, 95 for a double. We had Karl, Matty, Josh B, Joshy and myself all on one bar. It was pretty epic.
    B: 115kg all sets.
    C: 4:29 – bus was totalled. No survivors.

  • pip says:

    A: 55kg for three and 60kg for two. 1rm power clean is 62.5kg

    B: when I was working numbers out for this one I was a bit nervous about being able to make them. Last tested 1rm back squat is 87.5kg which makes 85% 74kg. Did my first set at 75kg and they felt pretty good so decided to what 80kg felt like. I ended up getting all three sets at 80kg and I’m pretty pleased! New number for 3rm and 3 x 3. Aiming for a triple digit back squat by my birthday (September).

    C: can’t kip on my rack at home so did double sit-ups. 5:54.

  • Tom R says:

    A. 65kgs. Only set a new 1RM of 70 a few weeks ago so happy with that.
    B. 80kgs. Need to remember to stay on my heels and chest up, so much easier.
    C. 6.01. Need to work on stringing T2B together and more accurate on my box jump, can rebound them but end up with my heels off half the time. Paul was pretty epic on this one tonght. Did his last set of 9s with a minute to go.

  • zacbax says:

    Loved today’s session!

    A. 80kg failed the 3rd rep at 90kg twice including being spat out big time the second time round but I only set this as a 1rm two weeks ago.
    B. Only had 1 working set ran out of time but I was absolutely stoked to hit 125kg same weight and reps as when I injured my back so BIG mental moment! Also did it pretty comfortably definitely could hit 130 so im very happy.
    C. Finished in 5:40 very happy with how im improving in these movements too all box jumps were unbroken rebounds and set of 21 t2b were in sets of 5 lost time in the round of 15 trying to do bigger sets for to long and got a lot of no reps before dropping to singles if id done that sooner could have had a better time but stoked with tonight overall.

    I have really enjoyed the programming in the last couple of weeks been alot of fun and iv smashed all kinds of pbs too

  • TessaW says:

    A: 55kg fine – 60 kg for a single.
    B: All sets at 95kg. felt pretty good and solid – wouldnt mind re-testing a 1RM here soon
    C: An exercise in practicing my t2b. Didn’t finish the round of 21, and ripped my hand, so not so great haha.

  • TarrynC says:

    A: 55kg, first round wasn’t 100% so did it a second time. Much happier with my second attempt.

    B: forgot I set a new 1rm last week so was working off 55kg which is only 73% but we finished early so I did 1 set at 65kg which is 86%, which felt good!

    C: very happy with this one, finished 2 T2B in round of 9 and only failed one t2b. I was on singles the whole time, because I still can’t string more than one together. Felt like I had a good pace on the box jumps. Definitely feeling fitter!

    Loved today’s session! So much fun!

  • Will_C says:

    A-Worked up to 70kg and kept it there to focus on technique
    B-Managed to get 2 sets at 130kg which felt great but ran out of time for the 3rd set. I need to remember to keep the chest up good and strong!!
    C) 6:27- very happy with this!! Shoulder was left feeling a little tender though especially after last night as well!

  • Olivia says:

    A: Got the triple at 60kg which I was really happy about as I could only manage 57.5kg a couple of weeks ago when we did the 1RM. My current 1RM is 62.5kg.

    B: Worked at 65kg which felt really comfortable – should have gone heavier

    C: 8/9 box jumps – faffed about for the first 4 minutes with the T2B on the high bar – with a box, without a box… ended up jumping up and doing singles – really need to start kipping these together.

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