Shoulder strength work then a partner Wod

Tuesday 20.05.14


  • 8 mins to find heavy single strict press
  • 8 mins to find heavy single push press
  • 8 mins to find heavy single push jerk


Partner Wod

  • 12 min amrap –  one person works at a time and swap each round
  • 5 HSPU
  • 10 KB Swings OH 24/16
  • 15 double unders
  • -then-
  • 3 min amrap –  both work as P1 falls off the bar change over
  • Flexed arm hang
  • Max jump squats 20/15

Post loads,  reps,  rounds and training notes to comments

Sharing is Caring ;)
  • Sharon Simonsen says:

    A. Current 1RM 35kgs
    B. Current 1RM 50kgs
    C. Current 1RM 50kgs
    D. Worked with Ann – got to 6 double unders in the 6th round, both scaled to push ups.
    E. Scaled to hangs, got to about 26 squats, both of us had trouble hanging for long!

  • Ivan L says:

    A. Strict press – I’m frustrated that I can’t recall if it was 65 or 70kg. Either way a new PB.
    Push press 80kg
    Push not-quite-jerk 80kg. Must improve technique here.
    B. worked with Jason for 11 rounds and 72 squats. The last I’d credit to Jason having a surprising ability to just hang on the bar.
    Seemed to be a general view afterwards that this was a fun day.

  • Jason says:

    A) Fun working with Tim & Ivan on these
    – Hit 55kg strict press. Still can’t get that 60kg strict.
    – Got 70kg (or maybe 75) for the push press.
    – Got 85kg (I think) for the push jerk once I sorted my technique.

    B) Kept working with Ivan on this – good fun. As above we got 11 rounds and 72 squats. My first thought was “oh no I’m going to be here for forever with the HSPU” and I was a worried about holding Ivan up way too much but.. really surprised myself and managed to get probably the most I’ve ever done out at a reasonable pace – still room for improvement with technique but really happy none the less.

    Good session.

  • Amanda C says:

    Fun session. So glad that it was mostly shoulders as my legs are so sore today.

    A. 30kg SP, 45kgPP, 48PJ. Got a PB on my push jerk, as I don’t think I have tested this before.

    B. Worked with El. We got 6 rounds + 4 DUs and 39 jumping back squats. Definately feeling that my cardio is improving 😀

  • Sam B says:

    A: Strict press: 47.5kg
    Push press: 65kg (?)
    Push jerk: 67.5kg. Tried and failed at 70kg!

    B: Worked with Brian the Irish pocket-rocket. 7 rounds and 12 DUs. My double unders are finally starting to work – unbroken every set except one. Then 52 jumping squats.

  • zacbax says:

    A. 62.5kg half kg pb haha
    B. 80kg
    C. 80kg
    D. Worked with mike we got 5 round and 4 hspu. My hspu definitely slowed us down here.

  • James says:

    A: 65/92.5/80. Shoulder were fried by the push jerk, Couldn’t get under 90.
    B: Worked with Annie, lots of fun.12 rds and change. Then somewhere between 44-48 for the jumping squats.

  • Coach B says:

    Rad 6:30am session this morning. Got to train with Zac and Mike G for the shoulder 2 OH stuff – worked out like this…
    A: 80 (failed cheeky attempt @ 87.5 — not enough rest/ran out of time)
    B: 110
    C: 105 (dropped the starting weight back to 80 to nail tech and then worked back up from there…)

    D: Worked with Tim W on this one and it was tough but awesome. We managed 15 rounds (trying to keep up with Kathleen and Kenyah) and then got 54 for the jump squats.


  • JoshW says:

    Had a straight up bro sesh with Matty and James at the 10am. So much fun.

    A. Hit 60kgs and stopped there.
    B. 90kg
    C.90kgs again.
    D. Me and matty did 10rds plus 50 jump squats.

    Best sesh I have had in ages!

  • Kylie says:

    More PR’s today – very good week so far!
    A: Strict Press – 32.5 kg (new PR)
    Push Press – 45kg (new PR)
    Push Jerk – 45kg (current PR, but way better form)

    B: Worked with Bec, I think we did about 4 rounds each?? Push ups were AWESOME! So happy with these – sets of 5 with no hip drop. Scaled to hangs for part 2 which I need to work on. No idea how many reps!

  • pip says:

    A: felt really weak tonight. Numbers were 35/50/55. No new ones but that’s ok 🙂

    B: did this with KJ and we had an awesome time! Got through 14 rounds. I did hspu on an ab mat but felt way too easy. Will have to take that away next time! I am a little hesitant to as it was hspu that screwed my back last time… Still progress is being made which excites me.
    Then we got 59 jumping squats.

    Fun session!

    • KJ says:

      Yes! What Pip said for the WOD. It was fun – cause all the movements felt good. Next time no ab Matt for pip and strict HSPU for me!

      First part of session:
      Strict press 50
      Push press 65
      Push jerk 70
      Feeling motivated and inspired by the AMAZING athletes on the weekend!

  • Tom R says:

    A: 46kgs
    B: 61kgs
    C: 62.5kg
    Getting under it was hard as my mind was a little too wedded to the earlier presses. All PRs though
    D: 9-10 rounds ish. KBs felt really good. I think the recent Ab wheeling has helped.

  • TarrynC says:

    A: Strict Press 32.5kg – up 1.5kg
    Push Press 47.5kg – failed this twice, third time lucky. 1rm stands at 50kg.
    Push Jerk: 41kg. Failed 42.5kg twice before dropping down to 41kg. Got a few overhead at 42.5 but bailed before I finished as it was a press out, so no rep anyway.

    B: Love partner wods! Worked with Em, which is always good fun! Felt a bit squished though with a big 5pm class. we got 8 rounds plus about 13 double unders. 42 jumping squats on the second part. Slowed down by my sweaty hands – couldn’t hold onto the bar so needed to run and grab chalk! Good workout overall =)

  • Leanne says:

    Felt weak today…didnt eat properly today and im finding that it is really affects my training.
    A) 32kg
    B) 40kg
    C) 40kg nothing new on any of these
    D) 8 rounds plus 5 strict push ups (sara did HSPU) DU are always the limiter for me
    E) 49 jumping squats… needed 2 secs more!!

  • Olivia says:

    A: 37.5 equal PB
    59.5 PB
    60 equal PB
    B: Worked with Jocelyne which is always great for the partner WODs and we did kipping HSPU – kind of lost count on the no. of rounds but we were 15 DU short of 10 or 12 rounds.
    55 jumping squats – I could have stayed up there in the flexed hang all evening so took it as a rest 🙂

  • TessaW says:

    After a confusingly heavy start, Craig pointed out that Kettie and I were in fact using the 22kg bar! Relief ensued.
    A: 39kg – 2kg PB
    B: 57kg – 7kg PB
    C: 50 something… felt a bit rushed and wasn’t concentrating on counting by this time.
    D: Again not sure on the rounds – my double unders (or lack thereof) slowed us down significantly – I think it was around 6 rounds.
    E: I had a lot of trouble holding on to the bar for too long as by now my shoulders were totally smoked. I think Kettie only had time for 2-3 squats each time I was up there! We ended up with 57 total squats.

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