Snatches, Dips then Partner Metcon Fun!

Wednesday 14.05.14

Strength (A):

  • Hang snatch triple

Strength (B):

  • 3 x ME UnBroken ring dips (rest at least 90sec to 2min between attempts)


Partner metcon (player 1 goes while player 2 rests, then vice-versa)

10min AMRAP:

  • 10 x box jumps (30/24″)
  • 10 x hand release push-ups
  • 10 T2B

-then straight away-

5min AMRAP:

  • Partner 1 handstand hold while
  • Partner 2 ME cleans @ 60/40kg

* Partners swap as soon as handstand comes off the wall

Post loads, reps to comments or TotalWOD.

Sharing is Caring ;)
  • Sharon Simonsen says:

    Fun session – so glad to be back!
    A – kept it low to work on form, maxed at 25kgs
    B – managed two dips on my toes each time
    C – worked with Elaine. Scaled to 20 inch step ups and knee raises. We finished the push ups on our 5th round. Then got to 13 cleans.

    Many thanks to the support form the 6.30 crew watching it was so nice to get so many positive comments about my handstands!

  • kirsten says:

    A: form felt really good… then i smacked myself on the hip with the bar… wasnt so good after that. got 2 @ 25kg
    B:working on dips on my toes- tried to do one full dip, got down nicely but wow its hard to get back up!

    worked with Betty. unfortunately my toes to bar were super slow today… think we finished one round each plus some push ups
    the cleans were super fun – we were able to get 21.

  • zacbax says:

    A. Worked up to 60kg only 5kg of my 1rm pretty happy with these felt really good. 12 strict, 8 strict 2 kip, 10 strict 1 kip. Stoked with these only had 8 last time we did them

    B. Worked with jase and we did pretty well toes to bar have gotten alot better we had 5 rounds + 5 pushups then didnt really count but best guestimates around 25

  • Jason says:

    A. 55kg – working back up consistently
    B. Up high! First set was 6 strict 1 kipping then down from there for the others
    C. What Zac said – except my t2b weren’t as good as his. I enjoy the wods that mix the heavy in.

  • Olivia says:

    A: Worked up to 35kg for the triple and only 2 at 37.5kg – grip was my limiter today
    B: 7,5,5 all strict (can’t kip them yet) – worked on my tippy toes 🙂
    C: Partnered with Karen – we got through 5 rounds and 7 box jumps – my toes to bar were slow singles (tender hands 🙁 )
    then 27 cleans Rx
    Nice spicy little wod 🙂

  • Heinex says:

    A) All the PRs from Monday went to our heads @ 5:30a.m. sesh. Lots of failed reps. Struggled at 60.
    B) 4, 5, 4
    C) Pt 1- Rosey & I managed 6 rounds + 10 P/U into 7th.
    Pt 2- I think 39 cleans. (Of which Rosey played the mule and did 25 while carrying me as “dead weight” with 14 cleans)

  • Mark says:

    A: Worked up to a successful 40kg. Still takes a while to warm up to these, increased flexibility still needed.
    B: 9,9,7
    C: Good to work with Big Shane today. We each did 2 rounds and Shane started in on a third before we moved to the HH / Power Cleans. We didn’t manage too many there, maybe 8 all up?

  • Ray Simonsen says:

    Like Sharon said, so good to be back with out “family” after a week off sick.

    A) Finished the triple at 50kg.
    B) None.. 🙁 I have good control on the the drop into the dip but no strength to get out of it. One day…
    C) Not sure… 4+ rounds. I was pleased with getting the 30″ box jump and not stacking.
    D) Did 2 cleans each round.

  • James says:

    A1: 60 for the trip, 65 for a double.
    A2: Did 3 sets of 10; 7,6,5 strict. Arms were blowing up with the short rest.
    B: 7 rounds down, then 37 cleans in the 5 minutes. Good to work with Josh this morning.

  • Brendo says:

    Right, I’m calling it. This entire workout for me – NO REP!

    Between my niggling chest injury and general flatness, nothing worked today. But it was still good to go and work out with the 5:30am crew.

    Here’s hoping tomorrow is better than today…

  • Ivan L says:

    An uncharacteristically late contribution from me – drove in today so didn’t have my hands free to enter it while on the bus.
    A. 45kg good. 50kg – one power snatch, one decent snatch, one fail. Which was OK except for knucklehead at home saying “I got 50kg Mum. Do you know who didn’t?”
    B. 20 strict + 1 kip, 10 strict + 1 kip, 11 strict no kips. I find if I go to max on strict I don’t have the strength to even get set up for the kip.
    C. Tim and I didn’t really distinguish ourselves here. I had to sub step-ups for jumps due to a dodgy knee and he had to do strict (?) T2B to protect his shoulder. Nearly 6 rounds on the first bit and then about 15 on the second bit. Most of the poor performance in the 2nd bit was down to me. Again I plead dodgy knee and sore wrist.

  • TarrynC says:

    A: worked up to 35kg. Felt really good and probably could have added a few kgs but ran out of time.

    B: huge weakness here. Lots to work on.

    C: worked with Ellyse which is always fun. We got 2 rounds plus 8 TTB in my 3rd round. Didn’t realise at the time but my first round was super slow. Sorry Ellyse! Second part was a killer, way harder than it looked. Scaled to 35kg and we ended up with 20 cleans. Next time, lets do power cleans, yeah??

  • TessaW says:

    A: 40kg was nice and easy, switched off after that and couldn’t get the 3 at 42kg.
    B: Worked on tip toes. Didnt really count, but i think about 5 each round?
    C: Poor Jac barely got a turn on this one because I took so long on the t2b. I think we finished at 1 t2b into the 3rd round.
    I actually quite liked the second half of this. 40kg cleans felt comfortable, and it was a good exercise in quick elbows! We ended up with 25.

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