Recovery, “Rowling” and skill work…

Thursday 1.5.14

Congrats to Sharon for nailing her first ever handstand hold! #persistencePaysOff

Congrats to Sharon for nailing her first ever handstand hold! #persistencePaysOff

A: Team “Rowling”

B: Skill work – pick one or two of the following movements (that you suck at) and work on them:

  • handstands / HSPU
  • double-unders or triple unders (if you’ve got DUs)
  • pistols

C: ?

PS: AM crews – If you’ve already done this don’t let the others in on it…

It’s been a pretty heavy start to the week so I thought I’d dial things back a little today and have some fun. Can’t tell you everything but you probably need to know that the 4th and 5th rounds of Rowling are gonna make things interesting 😉 – Ben


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  • Sharon Simonsen says:

    Stlll grinning like a loonie!
    A. Worked with Kristen, managed to get a zero each, and ended up with 26. Most times we were only 2 off each.

    B. First ever handstand! And even managed to hold it for awhile and repeat it several times! Also worked on DU and filming really helped so I could see what I was doing wrong, and also I could see how much weight I’ve lost, in my head I’m still way bigger. So happy with that too!

    C. 12kgs and a few stops

  • Olivia says:

    Well done Sharon – you looked like the cat that got the cream this morning!

    A: Our team got 36 – didn’t manage any 0’s but had 4 rounds with 1 off!

    B: Worked on handstand walks for a while – got about 5 steps (small ones), really getting the hang of it so will consciously try to spend a few mins practicing more often.
    Moved on to try triple unders and managed a good few singles!! Couldn’t string any more than one at a time because I couldn’t seem to get the bounce right, usually ended up stopping dead after one with no spring for another!

  • Coach B says:

    Came in and did a quick 5km on the C2 with Craig tonight – managed a new PR: 18:43 (old 19:06)

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