Hang Snatch Triple + 8min Ladder

Wednesday 30.04.14


  • Hang Snatch Triple


8min ladder

  • 2 x T2B
  • 2 x Burpees
  • 4 x T2B
  • 4 x Burpees
  • 6 x T2B
  • 6 x Burpees

* add 2 reps each round

Post loads, rounds to comments or TotalWOD.

Coaches notes:

  • If you worked out yesterday, don’t be too concerned about a PB today – you might be a little bit sore…
Sharing is Caring ;)
  • Sharon Simonsen says:

    A. 27kgs felt good, and recieved good feedback from Coach Coops and Coach Ben, but 30kgs wasn’t working, wasn’t getting back to position one. Went back to 27kgs to work on technique

    B. Scaled to knee raises. Got to 6 raises in the round of 12. Having to do burpees rather than step up downs was tough, didn’t realise just how much of a scale it was.

  • Ivan L says:

    This was just a bit cruel after what they did to our chests yesterday!
    A. Still minding my wrist so only did 40kg, but it felt pretty good mostly. Few tips from Coops helped.
    B. 11 T2B in round of 14. I’ll take that.
    Nice to have Tim back after a longish absence. Coop found it necessary to re-introduce himself. [email protected]

  • coops says:

    And wish you all the best with the bub Jen!! We’ll miss you in the morning sessions!

  • zacbax says:

    A. 60kg for the triple felt pretty good.

    B. 5 burpees into the round of 12 also got my 1st lot of proper toes to bar strung together so happy with that

  • Heinex says:

    A) Got 3 @ 60kg = goal for the day.
    Then 2/3 @ 65. (Failed third rep.)
    HIGHLIGHT was the first rep @ 65. After 2.5 years I think I hit a perfect snatch. It all felt right and it just “popped weightless into place” with me under it. Felt AWESOME ! ! !
    B) 13/14 T2B .

    • Ivan L says:

      Congratulations! I don’t know that I’ve ever hit a perfect one, but I’ve had those rare occasions when it just seems to work and feels much lighter. Sadly, I then tend to revert back to the old, awkward ones. But it’s a glimmer of hope. Never had it happen anywhere near 65kg though. Well done.

  • Amanda C says:

    A. Worked up to 25kg. First set of three felt ok, then form went downhill so worked on technique with the bar.

    B. Finished the set of 10 knee raises.

  • Kylie says:

    A: Got 25kg for the triple and worked on technique – didn’t push it as I felt stiff from yesterday.
    B: 3/10 burpees. Took 4 minutes for my T2B to warm up and my shoulders are going to be sore tomorrow.

    Felt good to just move today – was glad I made myself get out of bed!

  • Fee says:

    A: 40kg. Got one at 45 which was awesome but was quite fatigued by then!
    B: got 6 T2B in round 12
    Great to work with Liv. It has been a while since last time.

  • James says:

    Bam love snatch day – even with fried shoulders.
    A: 65kg for the triple, single at 70kg. Followed it up with a full snatch 75kg PB. Rosey lifts like a boss, awesome to train with him today.
    B: 11/16 T2B. Fast singles after my kips died in the arse in round 10.

  • Olivia says:

    A: [email protected], [email protected] PB for both – very much fatigued by the end and grip was certainly a challenge too.
    B: 10/12 T2B – all singles for T2B but getting quicker between singles – looking forward to the day when I can kip a few together – semi dead hang sucks the life out of your shoulders 🙁
    Spoke to Coach Becca afterwards about grip and think I will need to play around with it a bit, loosen it a little so that it doesn’t pinch so much.
    Lovely working with Fee as always 🙂

    • Olivia says:

      Oh and my snatch was on cue for the majority of my lifts – hitting position 1 exactly where it was supposed to be, bit tender this morning!

  • TessaW says:

    A: [email protected] and managed [email protected] 42.5 (much smoother after some tips from Craig and James). And always good to lift with Kettie and see her great technique 🙂
    B: 1/6 T2B – sounds small but means a total of 7 T2B which is more than I’ve done ever before! Only managed T2B in a WOD once before, so pretty happy.

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