Heavyish Deadlifts & Vol Training

Friday 11.04.14


  • 5×3 Deadlifts @ 75-80% of 1RM
  • focus on perfect reps, touch and go


  • EMOTM 1-7 Strict HSPU
  • Butterfly Pullups Progression


  • 500m Row

Post loads, times and notes to comments

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  • Ivan L says:

    A. 120kg. Felt pretty good although I always struggle to get the set right for the first lift.

    B. Got rid of the ab mat so was mostly singles but I still think it’s improvements. My butterflies are a little undercooked. Need more time in the cocoon.

    C. 1:41.9. I think that’s nearly 10 seconds faster than last attempt. Happy.

  • Sharon Simonsen says:

    A. Worked at 75kgs which is about my 70%
    B. Push ups and hanging hollowrocks
    C. 1.56 one second faster than last time

  • Jason says:

    A) Worked with James. I worked at 120kg. My form terrible, his impeccable. Thanks to Sean for the tips.

    B) Head positioning seems to be getting better for the HSPU. Went a little wider with my hands thanks to a tip from Coach Becca and was getting 2-3 out by the end. Earlier in the week I was doing 1. Little wins.

    C) 1:31.6

    Tried to do some technique work after the class – but I was too knackered.

    • James says:

      Awesome work today Jase, you crushed that row!

    • James says:

      I just recalculated those numbers: 25s, 20s 10s + bar = 130kg. I had the 5s on as well for 140kg. I think we were working a bit heavy – that’s my bad tho, the new 25’s throw off my mental maths. Sorry, Jase!

  • James says:

    A: Sets at 130kg. All T&G except the last rep of the last set where I lost my grip.
    B: 2 Strict HSPU – seem to have lost one since last week – and 4-7 butterfly pull-ups.
    C: 1:33 Decided to got for it 150m in.

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