Max TGUs and an 8 min Cindy

Thursday 10.4.14

A: Max effort Turkish Get-up – work up to a max on both arms (no, it doesn’t have to be the same weight – we want to find out your max!)

B: 8 min Cindy

  • 5 pull-ups (scaling: jumping pull-ups)
  • 10 push-ups
  • 15 air squats

Post loads, rounds and reps to comments.


Wait list – If you’re on the wait list, rock up

Just want to remind you guys (that make it on to a wait list) to come along to the session regardless. We usually have (some) people cancel in the last minute so spots tend to open up anyway. So if you get on a waitlist -> rock up. We’ve haven’t turned anyone away yet.

Latest sets of Easy Meals now available (Due for delivery before Easter)

We’re definitely onto a good thing at the moment and Alan our caterer has pulled out all the stops to ensure the latest set of meals a packed full of nutritious broccoli, snow peas, kale and sweet potato mash as well as the usual super-tasty protein sources including: citrus pork, kanga bangas, mussaman beef, chicken provencal, baked salmon and lemon and lime Cod. Buy them online and pick up on the 17th.

Antony Lo workshop this Saturday

Just a reminder that there’s still a couple of spots available for Antony Lo’s: Bullet proof your back and Hips”workshop this coming Saturday. If Antony’s last workshop was anything to go by then you really don’t want to miss this one – Follow the instructions to register. Because the workshop starts at 9am sharp we’ll be running 3 back to back, get-in-and-get-out style sessions at 6, 7 and 8am (of and if you haven’t already heard it”s Dianne)

If you’ve got any questions, comments or smack talk – post that to comments too.

Coach B

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Coach B

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  • Jason says:

    A: This was fun today working with bars/barbells etc. Managed 25kg with the bar – which I was pretty darn happy about. Find this so much more comfortable than using the kettle bells.

    B. 7 rounds – I take the approach that “all the things” are goats for me.

    Cashed out with 10 mins on the Airdyne – reasonable pace.

  • Fee says:

    A: 16 on both, then 8kg upside down KB (this was a good challenge)!
    B: 5 rounds and 7squats. Good fun. Not sure how Cindy will go. Must “freestyle my goats” now.

  • Olivia says:

    Loved TGU this morning and the variations for weight – I’ve worked to a 16kg max before on both arms using a kettlebell so decided to try a few of the variations:
    10kg each arm with an upright kettlebell; 20kg barbell (15kg with 2.5kg plates) – failed to get up with 25kg so this is a goal for the next time.

    B: 4 rounds & 2 pushups – found that my pullups were a little off today, need to be mindful of hip movement and not lift my legs up too high.

    Over the last week or two I’ve started working on ring dips (when I can get on them after a session) because it’s something we don’t do very often and I’d like to have them when they do come up – 3 x 4 ring dips with a yellow band

  • Coach B says:

    It’s been great to watch all you guys have a play with KB bottoms-up and barbells. Some of the guys stould up 40kg (bb) at the 10am session – Boom!

  • Matt B says:

    TGU with the barbell today, was a really different feel to the KB. Got to 40kg with my strong-arm only !

    Managed 10 rounds + 5 pull-ups….Am smoked now

  • Nathan says:

    Good to hit up a 10am session today….

    A: Got the 32kg KB and then had a crack with the Barbell, got 30kg, 35kg and attempted 40kg, stood it up but lost it at the top. Definitely keen to have another go at this.

    B: Worked with Matt W for the first time….I managed 7rds + 6 Pushups. Pushups were my limiting movement, fatigue seems to set in after 3 + rounds. Really need to work on muscle endurance.

  • James says:

    10am session was the business today! Partnering with the Parr-man is always fun.

    A: 32kg each side, v happy with that. Did the barbell with 25kgs, This looked harder than it actually is.

    B: 7 RDS + 6 pushups. I suck at pushups, enough said…. now where’s the bench press… All butterfly pull-ups which I am also stoked to get. A few dirty reps where I lost the “scoopiness” but most of them (?) I think were okay.

  • EmilyB says:

    A) 16kg on both, then 8kg upside down on my left.. lost stability in my right arm.

    B) 5 rounds exactly. Some really good and some not-so-good push-ups happening today!

    Lovely to be back in a 10am sesh today 🙂

  • TarrynC says:

    A: 16kg each arm. Wanted to try heavier but didn’t want to jump straight to 20kg. Plus ran out of time.

    B: 3 rounds exactly. Push ups were super slow and done I singles. Worked really hard to keep them strict. Some good, but struggling not to worm. Seem to be able to keep it tight and not worm if my quads touch the ground just a bit, but if they don’t touch at all I start to worm. Had some pretty good reps though. Jumping pull ups.

  • JoJo says:

    A: 16kg on my right arm, 12kg on my left – tried a few times with the 16kg and they were getting better but I’m still not happy with them on the left. I think I’ll try with a barbell soon though.
    B: 6 rounds, and 10 of the squats on the 7th round.
    Was great to work with Marc tonight – he was so much faster on push-ups that I’ve seen most people, and sustained them for ages! Need to really work on them 🙂

  • john parr says:

    better late than never

    A: only worked with my right arm (banged my funny bone really hard the day before) and got to 32kg

    B: 8 rounds 3 push ups

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