Box Jumps and HSPU Volume

Friday 04.04.14


  • Rebound Box Jumps



  • KB Swings 24/16
  • Box Jumps 30/24

HSPU Volume

  • add 1 rep per round from previous sessions

Post times and notes to comments

AWF Club Tournament is on this weekend at Cougars Weightlifting Club in Brisbane.
Check out the live feed and cheer on our ACT lifters!!

Prue Teasdale – 1:30pm (12:30 Bris) Saturday
Sean Teasdale – 6pm (5pm Bris) Saturday
Michal Dunski – 6pm (5pm Bris) Saturday
Kylie Lindbeck – 1:30pm Sunday

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  • Ivan L says:

    A. 3:58 I think.
    B. Just didn’t have shoulder strength today. 3, then only 2s until 3 in last round.
    C. Hmmmm.. No mention of the Airdyne above. Maybe it was just my own personal nightmare? Whatever – had to get Karen to drive home. Please just keep those #%*+ing things away from me.

  • Mark says:

    A 4:12
    B 3 strict up to round 5, then could only get 2 in round 6. After that it all went to custard. But this is an improvement over last time.
    C 7 calories. It ticked over to 8 as soon as I’d stopped pedalling – so probably 7.9?

  • Heinex says:

    A) 4:01
    B) Stoked to maintain 4 reps through all sets. Despite a few no reps in last round.
    C) T-shirt idea= Picture of me post aerodyne sprint with thought bubble “All that for 9 stinking calories! I’d rather be Bulimic!”

    • Heinex says:

      B) They were all kipped HSPUs

    • Ivan L says:

      But Erik – if you’d gotten 10 calories, you could probably have experienced the benefits of bulimia on top of the 10 calories burned. I bloody nearly did.

  • Olivia says:

    Rebound box jump skill work was good – got the bounce right out of the bottom for a few reps on a 20 inch box – now to maintain for volume! Control & balance 😉

    3:55 for the MetCon – felt a little sick after the 21 box jumps and took a quick breather so it was a bit of a sprint to finish.

    Strict HSPU volume is definitely coming along nicely – worked with a 15kg & 5kg bumper today (used 15kg & 10kg last week)
    Upped my target reps from 3 per minute to 4 reps per minute and maintained 4 until round 6, then I was plugging out doubles and singles for the last 4 minutes. Happy with progress 🙂

    1 min ME Airdyne – 7 calories (just hit 8 at 1:05) so I need to push harder to do it in the minute next time – 15 secs in and quads were pretty smoked after the box jumps.

    Nice Friday session – best of luck to Sean & Prue tomorrow; I will be covered in mud doing the Spartan Sprint with some of the Adapt peeps 🙂 Hopefully it stops raining soon or we will be underwater for the cargo net obstacle!! 😛

  • Brendo says:

    5:10 using a 32″ box. In guy-inches that’s, like, 40 or something. I don’t want to know what it is in girl-inches (ask a girl to show you her definition of 6 inches – it’s a little scary and somewhat intimidating! :p ).

    7 rounds @ 3, 2 rounds @ 2 and then 1 round of about 0.6 (I believe in counting everything).

    Tried a different approach to get to 9 calories but still just managed 8. I think I’m up to Plan D for next time.

  • KJ says:

    a: 3.25 . Higher box was interesting. Stumbled twice! Saved it! No blood.
    B: 5 strict HSPU. These are def better than this time last week.
    Very busy 10am sesh this morning! Fun.

  • john parr says:

    A: yeah i got skills

    B: 3:30 rx

    C: worked on 4 hspu and maintained

  • James says:

    So many people in the 10am this rainy morning, great vibe! Including the ever elusive Dom – jeans and all.

    B: 3:33 Dayum quads were on fire.

    C: Sets of 3, only dropped reps in the last round, down to 1. When it goes it goes. Immediately following last set 2 ring MU.

    D: Butterfly PU practise and some bench press. Matty smashed out a 120kg single – solid.

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