To my 5:30am crew…

I am so sorry. I sincerely apologise for not being here this morning to run you guys through a session. This is the first time this has happened in 5 years of running Adapt. It has always been a nightmare of mine to be a no-show coach and this morning it actually happened 🙁 As it turns out I am human but I wasn’t here for you guys and I’m bitterly disappointed with myself. You know I’d give you guys burpees for being late (5 for every minute) and so I too will be held accountable for this morning’s letdown. 60×5=300 (awesome)


A massive thanks to Erik for running you through an impromtu workout until Coops rocked up and thanks to all the guys who hung about to do it with him. Thanks Coops for opening up and the 6:30am crew who put up with my dishevelled, incoherent self for the first 20 mins of the 6:30am session.

Thursday 3.4.14

A: 1 power clean + 1 squat clean + 1 push/split jerk

B: 20 min Partner workout:

  • 10 L-sit pull-ups (partner can share workload)
  • 15 wall ball (partner cannot share workload)
  • 400m run (run together)

Post loads, rounds, training notes and Coach B shaming notes to comments.