Thursday 27.03.14

A: Snatch warm up

B: Max Snatch (from any position)

Coaches notes:

  • full snatch from any position – it doesn’t say power snatch so full depth is required
  • it’s gotta look good. If it looks like crap – we won’t count it
  • If you PR – ring the bell!

C: max double-unders in 4mins

  • scaling: suck it

Post loads and reps to totalWOD or comments.

Friday morning Fun – Come watch the announcement with us!

This year’s CrossFit Games Open is almost over – The final workout will be announced tomorrow @ 11am. If you’re not up to anything (and even if you are) come join the 10am crew for a workout and post WOD hangout to watch the announcement and then some of our peeps have a go.