Friday 14.3.14

A: 10 min handstand play (no HSPU) practice the following:

  • free standing
  • handstand holds against wall
  • handstand walking
  • shoulder touches
  • frog stands

B: Turkish get-up technique and then:

  • TGU – max right arm
  • TGU – max left arm

C: 500m row for time. Yes, this is a max effort – go all out.

Post loads, times and training notes to comments of on totalWOD? or BeyondTheWhiteboard

14.3 Announcement at 11am today

If you’re lucky enough to be able to make it to today’s 10am session ( just take an early lunch) come and hang out afterwards to watch the 14.3 announcement. It’s rad to hang out, drink coffee, watch it on the big screen and then have a play straight away. It’s gonna be awesome – just sayin…