Handstands, Max Turkish get-up (both arms) and 500m row

Friday 14.3.14

A: 10 min handstand play (no HSPU) practice the following:

  • free standing
  • handstand holds against wall
  • handstand walking
  • shoulder touches
  • frog stands

B: Turkish get-up technique and then:

  • TGU – max right arm
  • TGU – max left arm

C: 500m row for time. Yes, this is a max effort – go all out.

Post loads, times and training notes to comments of on totalWOD? or BeyondTheWhiteboard

14.3 Announcement at 11am today

If you’re lucky enough to be able to make it to today’s 10am session ( just take an early lunch) come and hang out afterwards to watch the 14.3 announcement. It’s rad to hang out, drink coffee, watch it on the big screen and then have a play straight away. It’s gonna be awesome – just sayin…


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Coach B

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  • Sharon Simonsen says:

    Loved today!
    A. Got closer to getting all the way up, I can feel it, I’m so ready for my first handstand and so keen to get there!
    B. New PR of 20kgs on each side, a bit wobbly, but I got it!
    C. Quite happy with 1.57, thought it would be way slower!

  • Fee says:

    A: love handstands. Worked on some hollow rock holds against the wall.
    B: only got to 14kg on left arm (right is injured)!
    C: fun to do the row. Got 1:46. Would like to do it again without slipping off the seat!
    Great Friday morning. Looking forward to tomorrow (I missed last week unfortunately)!

  • Olivia says:

    A: Handstands are feeling a lot more controlled, shoulder touches are definitely better – about 8-10 reps unbroken each time, tried to do a handstand walk at the end and got about 4 steps out.
    Yay – must work on walking a bit more the next time we do handstand practice.

    B: TGU were good, not as much pain on my forearm as the last time from the KB resting on it – got up to 16kg again and didn’t fancy the 4kg jump to 20kg!

    C: 1:44 – went out way too hard in the beginning and died at the 200ish mark – everything turned to lead for about 100m – struggle town after that. Felt lightheaded after getting off and was a bit uncomfortable to sit down for a while (even on the airdyne) – yes Coach B – only 90 secs of work – longest 90 secs I’ve ever counted!! 😛
    I kinda do like the rower though – something different 🙂

    Looking forward to the announcement at 11am.

    • Oz says:

      Hey Guys,
      Had a great time this morning… Thanks to everyone for being so welcoming…
      Think I had 1:43 (When I managed to stay on the rower)

  • Kylie says:

    Ha ha that rower guy is an epic fail! Tried to log my results using totalWOD – its not showing up any workouts?

    A: Still can’t get up. Got to work on my leg coordination/ control instead of just scissor kicking the air and flailing around 🙂
    B: Awesome tips working with Coach B this morning – PR 14kgs on right arm, a much tidier and controlled 12kgs on left (ran out of time to attempt 14kg). So impressed by his 40kg TGU’s too. Amazing.
    C: 1:44. Would have loved to go faster but died in the last 100m – my legs completely stopped listening to me. 10 minutes on the air dyne to flush all the lactic acid out!

  • Brendo says:

    Tried shoulder touches with some advice from Sean. Now getting them without falling over, but I keep coming off the wall.

    TGU @ 24kg. Almost wore that bell as a chin adornment but managed to stick it.

    Rower was an epic fail. Launched off the seat and left skid marks on my butt. Don’t know how I’m going to explain those bruises to the missus…

  • Steve-o says:

    A & B) always good fun 🙂
    C) 1:29.8 – not a PB but what I was aiming for leading into next month 🙂 some great times this morning.

    14.3 looks like a great WOD. Grats to those that smashed it out today and all the best to everyone tomorrow!

  • Fee says:

    Bahahaha that is the funniest video. Really hope I didn’t look like that dude!!!

  • James says:

    Managed to drop into CISAC this afternoon to hit up some mobility and a few of the workouts from the past two days – but mainly taking it a bit easy for the horrible horrible workout tomorrow.

    2RM Hang Snatch: Did a bit of a warm up with this, practising the snatch warm up drill from outlaw. Hit 50kg, one at 55kg.

    500m Row: How could I pass this one up? 1:36. 2 sec improvement but I paced for a bit too long at the start.

    I use Beyond the Whiteboard (BTWB) to track my workouts. It has a really good interface and some awesome analytics (I’m a total nerd for numbers) It has a few very annoying problems with WOD tracking but you learn to cheat your way around them. The best thing I found about the analytics is the foot pounds per second breakdown. Each WOD that is completed “RX” – you may need to spoof the workouts to get this – gives you a foot pounds per second score. From my tracking I know that currently my 10min average is 80-100 ft*lbs/s and my 12min average is 60-80 ft*lbs/s. Work Capacity is a an awesome tool for fitness tracking, and the more you are aware of it the easier it is to remember how each WOD effort felt (by translating that ft*lbs/s into your perceived “huffy puffy”), and then apply that intensity in your future WODs. Its science! For more info read this chapter in the Crossfit Training Guide – What is Fitness (pp 16-27), link here: http://library.crossfit.com/free/pdf/CFJ_Seminars_TrainingGuide_012013-SDy.pdf

  • eliza says:

    A – actually practiced some handstands, this is a step up for me.
    B – Cant remember the next bit we did, but I am sure I did it. oh yeah TGU – 14 on right side, 16 on left, could have gone up on left.
    c – rowing, time was 2.02, happy with that, so much better than the bike of death.

  • eliza says:

    p.s – hey ben can I finally get my sticker? orange? thanks 😉

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