Thursday 13.3.14

A: 2RM hang snatch

B: Bron’s cardio circuit – 3times through @ 90sec work/15sec rest, 60sec work/15sec rest, 30 sec work/15sec rest

  • C2 Rower
  • Airdyne
  • box jumps
  • double unders
  • lateral burpees (over paralettes)

Post loads (and PRs) to comments.

WOD tracking: TotalWOD feedback from yesterday’s newsletter

Well folks it looks like the results are in and so far everyone we’ve spoken to thinks that totalWOD is the balls (as in, it’s pretty dang average) We put it out there as an option because it integrates with our MBO sessions but it seems that it’s not as seemless as we would have liked. I posted up today’s WOD if anybody hasn’t had a go but I have no idea how to edit previous WODs. We’ll keep having a play for the next couple of weeks but we certainly haven’t made a final decision…

Make no mistake we definitely want you guys to track your workouts. It’s hard to plan for progress if you don’t track where you’re at right now. If you haven’t started tracking your WODs then start today. Use a notebook, use Evernote on your smartPhone, Post your results to comments. Do whatever you can to avoid being one of “those guys”that don’t know what your 1RM is when we put you on the spot… because it makes you kinda look dumb. “Don’t be that guy…”

If you do track your workouts (but don’t use the comments section) tell us what you use? Share it in comments.