A couple of guys who had registered for the Open have either been away or sick over one (or both) of the last 2 weekends and asked me whether or not they should bother continuing to rock up on a Saturday and participate in the rest of the open and the answer is a resounding yes. 

Let’s just say you were running a race and you tripped over, wouldn’t you pick yourself up and finish it? Even if you had to crawl yourself over the finish line because your legs stopped working – Do you know how BOSS that is? That’s the stuff movies are made of. OK, so perhaps I went a little over the top but what I’m trying to say is that everyone (and I mean absolutely everyone) has a chance to be an inspiration to others.

Over the last 2 saturdays it’s been an absolute pleasure to watch you guys have a go. For some of you – you got your first and only chest 2 bar pull-up/s. For some of you it was a new 1RM OH squat but here’s the thing: I didn’t care if you didn’t get chest to bar pull-ups and I didn’t care if you didn’t manage a single OH squat. All I cared about (and was inspired by) was all of our Adapt peeps having a go.

Your value is not defined by your Open score

I got to watch Aisling (and I hope she’s OK with me sharing this?) get the barbell OH and then hit a full depth squat – she’s never gone that heavy before and while she wasn’t quite able to stand it back up, this was the first time she’s 1) ever had that much weight over head and 2) hit a full depth squat with that much weight overhead. Attempt after attempt, she couldn’t quite stand it back up but she never quit. To me, that’s  inspirational and while her score for that workout was 0 – it doesn’t even come close to reflecting the amount of effort, determination and self belief she displayed last Saturday morning #effortEarnsRespect

So you’ve missed an open workout (or 2) – that’s OK. Just get back on it the following weekend. Then when next year’s Open comes around the aim will to be 1) do all the Open WODs and 2) have trained consistently enough throughout the year to improve on what you did this year.

I know some people who start to build a mental wall after they’ve taken some time off (due to life, work, sickness, etc.). They skip on sessions they could have made because they think they’ve fallen too far behind. They skip session after session which makes it even harder to come to the next session and eventually, they just stop showing up altogether. You know if this is you (because you haven’t been in the gym for a while) but here’s the thing: All the guys at Adapt love it when you show up. The more the merrier yeah. Nobody’s judging you for not having been there for a week (because work,life or sickness got in the way) They’re genuinely stoked that you’re having a go – because that’s what we’re all doing. It’s the way we roll – stop building it up in your mind and get back on the horse already. Putting your shoes on and showing up is always the hardest thing – you’ve just gotta walk through the front door…

There’s been some really great posts on participating in the Open – eg. why you should and how you should go about it, etc. If you haven’t read them yet, I’ve linked them below:

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 Share your story

Have you been inspired by any of the guys in the gym over the last couple of weeks? Did you get your first chest to bar in 14.2? What inspires you to keep showing up at Adapt (or your own gym) Post your thoughts to the comments section below…