Tech Work & Max Height Box

Friday 07.03.14

Tech Work

  • Deadlift
  • Toes to Bar
  • Box Jumps


  • Max Height Box Jump 10 min



  • 100 Double unders
  • 50 KB Swings 24/16
  • 25 Push ups
  • 10 Strict Pullups
  • 800m run

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  • If you are free around 12pm today pop in to the gym we’ll be watching the open announcement
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  • Ivan L says:

    Enjoyed today. Not any real numbers to report but felt I consolidated stringing T2B together.

    Highlight was watching Kenny and Ewen do max height box jumps up to chest height. The only person who jumped as high was Andy O (who is just a little taller). Ben was playing with the slow motion camera again so I hope he posts it somewhere.

    Now just the nail biting wait for 14.2 announcement. Friends at work think it sounds like some medieval beast when I say today they “release the WOD.” My friends don’t know how close to the mark they are.

  • Tim says:

    Today = 2 Months of Crossfit 🙂 Squat depth is so so much better than at start. Other things are good too like T2B and pullups. Double unders…. Not so much.

    Thanks Coach(s) Tech guidance is awesome.

    Double unders… Still struggling. Moved on when Sean said to. Everything else was fine.


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