Clean & Jerk Vol, Thrusters and Muscleups

Tuesday 04.03.14


  • EMOTM x10 Clean & Jerk @ 75% +
  • only add extra weight if you are nailing every single rep


For time:

  • 40 Thruster 20/15
  • 60 Double unders
  • 5 Muscleups
  • 20 Thrusters 40/30
  • 40 Double Unders
  • 7 Muscleups
  • 10 Thrusters 60/40
  • 20 Double unders
  • 9 Muscle ups


  • Muscleups on rings only
  • You must change your own weight
  • Sub for Musclups is 2x C2B Pullups

Post load, times and training notes to comments

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  • Ivan L says:

    A quick postscript to yesterday’s workout. Bloody Ewen went in with Tahni for the 6pm session, and managed to finish the whole workout at men’s RX weights. I didn’t even start the last round of deadlifts. I fear I’m on the cusp of being left in his dust. So, if you see me at the gym with shoulders slumped, it’s not all the, jerks, push presses and HSPUs wearing me out. It’s just one obnoxious 14 year old.
    And Tahni came home, had a snack and went back and bettered her 14.1 score (up to 269).

    A, Worked with Mark and we both did 66kg. I think form as mostly pretty good. Trying to focus on getting lower under the bar on the split. I have a tendency to do a pretty minimal split and rely on shoulder strength to push it up when it gets heavy. That used to be OK when the clean was my real limiter.

    B. Still staying away from muscle ups. These old shoulders take too long to recover if I overshoot and pull out behind me. So it was C2B pull ups for me. Ended up with 3 thrusters at 62kg (we had the G2 bar). I may have mentioned this already, but I really don’t like thrusters. Today didn’t do anything to disavow me of that notion. And for good measure, I dropped the first heavy thruster on my head on the way down (just a graze fortunately).

  • Hannah says:

    A. 25kg Clean and Jerk for EMOTM
    B. Got through the 40 Thrusters and then got out 3 double unders (struggled with the timing of them πŸ™ )

  • Ray Simonsen says:

    A) Initially was working at 60kg, but moved to 70kg as the swapping out of weight plates was not allowing me the time to set up and lift correctly.

    B) Got through about 40 of the Double Unders of the first set. The volume of thrusters made this quite hard. and then more evil double unders… πŸ™ I feel very frustrated by this workout. I think the first time ever in my year+ at Adapt…

    • Sam B says:

      Ray, I’ve always admired your spirit and determination, and in my experience, when you get frustrated its actually a very good opportunity to refocus and do even better (which we all know you can do). Go to it!

  • Sam B says:

    A: Worked with Wayne, always a pleasure. We stuck to 50kg, which I found pretty easy, so I may need to revisit my 1RM. We were working between Prue in front and Sam behind, and both these ladies were getting their elbows through on the cleans very snappily (is that a word?!?) After watching their efforts, something finally went click in my brain, and for what I think is the first time ever(!) I was able to slam my elbows through on the clean and keep them there. Those cleans felt so much smoother and easier. So it took me well over 12 months, but at least I got there eventually…

    B: Subbed 2xC2B for the muscle ups, and got to 8 pull ups in the second round. As for 14.1 the damn double unders were my limiter!!! (Must do something about that…)

  • Amanda C says:

    A 35kg

    B Timed out in first set of pull ups as I tried to get some pull ups on purple band during the last minute.

  • James says:

    A; 72kg for these ones. Ben had the slow-mo camera out and some of the footage is the business.

    B: 5/7 MU’s. Missed about 4-5 muscles ups in that round, went a bit hard in the first set of 5. Getting there.

  • Karl Buchhorn says:

    Hamstrings are still attached, although they feel like they are gonna fall of the bone every time i walk. POST 14.1 problems.

    Took a while to warm up and get going this morning, but once i’d warmed up felt fine..

    Hit the EMOM @100kg

    And got through the workout a few seconds before 10 minutes ticked over.

    Looking forward to the video BEN puts together of the slow mo footage filmed this morning.

  • Steve-o says:

    Fun arvo in the box.

    A) working with Zac, who is a beast! Did the 10 lofts at 65kg and felt ok. Started dropping my knee a bit more in the jerk after speaking to Coach Becca after their Outlaw weekend.

    B) thanks to Mark K & Zac (who looked close to death post-WOD). I raced Coops and we both finished the 40 double unders and stared at the rings, not wanting to do another rep.
    First WOD finishing muscle ups in their round! Yay!

  • Aimee says:

    Tonight I got my first ever chest to bar – 10 of them!!!! Happy dance!
    Bit of a hit and miss night for me tonight with some hideous movements and then some good gains. Gotta take the small wins.

    A: 45kgs, not quite the 75% for me but good to work on my jerk technique.

    B: somewhere in the 2nd round of thrusters…
    Jumped up to the bar and pulled out a C2B which was a surprise! Craig rightfully said that jumping up is half a rep, so I thought I’d give kipping them a go and managed to do them! Some reps were so so ugly but some were OK! Lots to work on, but still… Progress!!
    Some issues with my breathing is becoming more apparent since 14.1 and now tonight which needs to be addressed. Thanks to Craig for the tips with this which helped.

    Thanks to coach Becca for kipping tips post wod!! πŸ™‚

    • Aimee says:

      Also well done to Kettie! Man this woman is a machine and was almost doing bar muscle ups for C2B and made them look like nothing! One to watch…

  • EmilyB says:

    A) Worked with Liv at 47kg. Weight felt good, really need to focus on dropping my back knee.

    B) 15/40 (I think?) double unders. Banded pull-ups, focusing on the hollow rock. Shoulders absolutely fried!
    Lovely working with Liv tonight πŸ™‚

  • Ellyse says:

    A: 35kg, felt good to practice this EMOM.

    B: scaled to C2B pull ups, got to 14 of the 30kg thrusters. These thrusters were pretty exhausting. But like Coach Rosey said I should’ve been doing doubles instead of singles of the thrusters.

  • DJ says:

    A: Did 7 sets at 70kg, felt good so upped it to 75kg.

    B: Got up to 6 – 60kg Thrusters and scaled Muscled Ups with C2B.

    Then I watched Nathan smash out an awesome set of 5 MUs in a row. Impressive!

  • zacbax says:

    A. Worked at 60kg feeling better with my lifts and back feeling better every day

    B. This just sucked and im not sure why but im so crushed from it finished the 40 du just with scaling to c2b

    Super proud of mum doing here 1st class today too!

  • Olivia says:

    A: 47kg – all reps felt good and pretty solid
    B: scaled Muscle ups to kipping pullups (yay!) – finished the 14 pullups, not enough time to change the weight for 40kg Thrusters. πŸ™‚

  • TessaW says:

    A: First 5 at 40kg, then moved up to 45kg, which is actually my current 1RM for a full C&J. My jerk always lets me down and is the reason I haven’t been able to get past this (have cleaned 55+), but thanks to some guidance from Coach Bec, I think I was dropping under a lot more by the end of the session.

    B: Think I got a new PB in double unders with about 10 unbroken at one point! Slowly improving πŸ™‚ Unfortunately they still take a fair bit of time! Finished 10/20 thrusters @30kg. Scaled to banded pull ups.

  • Mark says:

    A: 60kg
    B: 1/7 Muscle ups.

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