Plan for the 2014 Open

OK we still haven’t got anything set in concrete but I’ll give you what we’ve got so far…

  1. Over the next 5 weeks the Saturday sessions will be reserved for people competing in this year’s CrossFit Games Open. If you want to train/compete hurry up and register already
  2. We will ONLY* be running the Open WODs on Saturdays
  3. We’ll write up a list of sessions on the whiteboard (mindbody’s sessions aren’t up until the 1st) and organise time slots for you to come in
  4. We will confirm what’s going to happen by tomorrow night (after we know what the WOD is)

*If you are working (shift workers, posted, etc.) or away from Canberra we MAY organise a separate session for you to complete your Open WOD. 1/2hr PT sessions can be booked (outside of our regular group sessions) for you if you can not make it to a set time…

IF YOU ARE NOT COMPETING there are still a number of ways to be part of Saturday sessions for the next 5 weeks:

Option #1 – Spectate

If any of you guys have been to any of the local throwdowns recently (Smash Clash, Judgement Day, etc.) one thing that stands out is the support that all our Adapt peeps bring. You guys scream and cheer on athletes louder than any other box, stat. So why not come along to spectate and cheer the guys who are going to be busting their guts to do the best they can – they’re gonna need all the support they can get – If you’re not competing it’s the very least you can do – #bringTheCheer…

Option #2 – Judge

So perhaps you don’t feel like you want to be a competitor but you still would like to be part of the biggest fitness competition in the world. One way you can do that is by becoming a judge. Of course you’ll have to go an complete the online judges course ($10) but if you could spare some of your time to come hang out and be a judge for us – that’d be awesome and a genuine help… #enhanceYourKarma

Like I said in yesterday’s newsletter: I want this year’s CrossFit Open to be Adapt’s biggest yet (with more competitors, judges and spectators) than any other box in Canberra. We already have close to 70 people registered but I think that we can do even better. Chris Spealler just posted one of the best gee-ups ever: Your Role in the Open -> Go read it, get inspired and put your name down

Thursday 27.2.14

A: Snatch warm up (3 reps of each of the following movements for 20-25 mins):

  • shrug
  • high pull
  • muscle snatch
  • OH squat
  • drop snatch
  • duck walk

C: Hollow rock / superman transitions (5-7 mins)

D: 10 min AMRAP:

  • 30 double unders
  • 15 power snatches @ 40/25kg

Post completed rounds, reps and training notes to comments.

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Coach B

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  • Olivia says:

    Coach B, were you just trying to mess with our heads by posting A, C & D?! haha πŸ˜›

    A&C: Great drills – doing them a couple of times a week is certainly helping with muscle memory and all that other good stuff! πŸ˜‰

    D: Rx 2 rounds & 13/15 snatches – with a mid WOD toilet break :O
    Was great to do a previous open workout but treated it as “training” as instructed by Coach B. Focused on getting every one of my power snatches as good as the first and keeping good form throughout. I think I achieved that with some helpful pointers from Coach on slowing my initial pull from 3 to 2 πŸ™‚

    E: Got on the bar to do some kipping movements trying not to overextend my head through my shoulders in the superman position and keeping feet together, lower back and glutes tight.
    Great session πŸ˜€

  • Sharon Simonsen says:

    A – good fun
    C- needs a lot or work
    D – appalling…obviosuly work stress ruins any double under skills I had. In ten minutes I only got 26. A few weeks ago I got 87 in ten minutes. *sigh*

  • Ivan L says:

    A. I think I really benefit from a warm up like this. I think it was about the third run through that I started to be able to squat freely and duck walk. I could actually feel my shoulders warming up and loosening.
    C. OK.
    D. 10/15 snatches in 4th round. Felt OK. Partly limited by soft public servant hands.

  • Aimee says:

    A: found this quite challenging – well mainly the part where I fell on my arse trying to duck walk.
    B: was suprised I could do this with minimal sternum pain – yay!

    C: 4rds + 6 (?) DUs – my type of wod! Nice speedy, light quick lifts. Tried to slow the last rounds down to keep good form and take it easy.

  • Steve-o says:

    A) This complex and I have a love/hate relationship.
    B) …?
    C) I don’t think this was supposed to be as funny as it was… Happy Birthday Cindy!!
    D) Was 2 snatches off 4 full rounds, so finished the 2 after time-up just because Matty B told me to.
    Last rep in 3rd round I ripped the bar off the ground with an extra tight grip and lost half of my thumb (or just a bit of skin). Note to self: tape for 14.1.

    Looking forward to the announcement and post-announcement vids!

    • Cindyd says:

      Thanks for checking if my saddlebags where switched on in the Superman position. Much appreciated. πŸ˜‰

  • DJ says:

    A+C: Loved the warmup and core activation.

    D: 4 rounds on the buzzer.

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