Wednesday 25.02.14


During my classes if we are snatching or clean and jerking you will often hear me yell over and over to “Reach”. Here I will explain what that means in case you’ve missed it along the way.

Firstly let me set up what we are aiming to do in the Olympic lifts. Our job is to take maximal weight from the ground to overhead in the most efficient way possible. For us the most efficient way to move the bar overhead is to pull from the ground, generate power from the hips then drop under aggressively and catch.

Ilya Ilyin with a 160kg snatch. Take particular notice of the bar path as he catches the bar.

At the moment we attempt to catch the bar it is travelling down due to gravity, if you aren’t set (chest up, arm pits forward, heel of the palm towards the roof) and strong it will crash down on you. With the “reach” cue it prompts you to punch your body up into the bar and receive it in an active position. If you are not using every piece of musculature you have to stabilise the bar overhead then there is a higher chance of you missing the lift or it crushing you.

So when performing the Olympic lifts aim to catch strong and “Reach” everything you have up into the bar to give you a greater chance of catching the lift in a stronger more stable position enabling you to stand up with the bar. Any questions hit me up when you are in the gym.


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