3 reasons you need to register for the CrossFit Open in 2014

If you’re still undecided about signing up for this year’s CrossFit Games Open – hopefully this post will help you make up your mind…

Reason #1 – It’s a great opportunity to see how you stack up as a CrossFitter on a local, National and International scale.

You may be the king of your very own garage gym, local box or one of the best athletes in your city but how do you stack up against the 138,000 other CrossFitters around the globe. Each Saturday (over the next 5 weeks) you’ll get compete, submit your score and find out how well rounded you are as a CrossFitter?!

Reason #2 – We want this year’s Adapt team to be the biggest ever!

It’s been great to watch the amount of the Adapt peeps grow each year. Back in 2011 I think we had about 11 and about 22 in 2012. Last year we had about 45 and this year (so far) 63 of our fine people have registered but I know there’s still a few more who need to put their names down. I’d have to say that I’m just “a little bit” excited and the cool thing is that with that amount of people the atmosphere in the box over the next 5 weeks is going to be #electric – which is definitely something you don’t want to miss – no really…

Reason #3 – Watch: The Test Of Fitness (on YouTube) and then tell me you don’t want to be part of something that’s so much bigger than you are…

Go on then, Go and register already…

Did you compete in last year’s Open? Or how about the year before? If you did, were you glad you participated? What would you say to someone who’s still undecided about competing in this year’s Open – Please share your thoughts to comments.


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Coach B

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  • Sharon Simonsen says:

    Hi Ben – will we be doing the open workouts on Mondays this year, or is it only going to be Saturdays?

    • Coach B says:

      At this stage will only be doing the workouts on Saturdays – I’ll speak to rest of the coaches but because we’ll be opening up Saturdays for registered Open participants only we’ll have to run our usual programming on Mondays – I’ll post up some more info with tomorrow’s WOD


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