Beginners Guide to CrossFit (@AdaptCrossFit)

You’ve made the step and joined Adapt Crossfit, welcome aboard! Training with us is just one of the many benefits to our community. Here is a guide of what we recommend you do within the first month of signing up:

Get Connected

  1. Get setup in Mindbody (we’ll help you with that) and download the Mindbody Connect App
  2. Download the SugarWOD app (to track your workouts) and hit us up for an access code
  3. Subscribe to our newsletter via our home page on the website
  4. ‘Like’ our Facebook page
  5. ‘Follow’ our Twitter and Instagram accounts
  6.  If you use YouTube [subscribe to our channel]
  7. Check out our FAQ page if you haven’t already, this page not only covers the most asked questions but also the Terms and Conditions and the Gym Rules

By completing the above you’ll not only be on top of all the latest news from Adapt including training tips and nutrition advice but you’ll get a feel for what we represent and what we do here. We are more than just a gym!

Once you have completed the above and are now fully connected with what’s happening the box you’ll be able to check SugrWOD daily to see what the workout is or how your mates got on . We cannot stress the importance or tracking your progress, especially if you’re new to Crossfit as your weights/times will change pretty quickly!

There are a number of different ways to do this from a simple book to note the weight you lifted or time it took to complete a workout to an app for your smart phone.


Crossfit can be a bit daunting to start with especially as it uses a few acronyms you might not have seen before, so here are the ones you’ll likely see in your first month:

  • WOD: Workout Of the Day
  • AMRAP: As Many Rounds As Possible within the set time frame
  • For Time: How quickly you can complete the workout
  • 1RM / 3RM / 5RM: RM means ‘Rep Max’ so in the example of 1RM, you will know the maximum you can move for a specific movement e.g. “150kg is my 1RM for a back squat” / “125kg is my 3RM for a back squat”. It is important to track and record your scores/lifts as we occasionally work of percentages of your 1RM, 3RM etc.
  • Benchmarks / The Girls / Hero Workouts: There are set workouts in Crossfit known by different names, the most iconic are Fran, Cindy, Murph, Elizabeth…. You notice a big white board in the gym where we record the best 3 times/rounds for the guys and girls, a ‘wall of fame’! Each workout has a set weight/time so you’ll always be able to track your progress.
  • RX: To perform a workout ‘RX’ you’ll need to have completed it as prescribed on the white board without scaling
  • Scaling: One of the strengths of Crossfit is how inclusive it is, if you’re not able to perform the workout to the prescribed weight (‘RX’) then we can scale the weight or even adjust the movement if needed
  • Snatch, Clean and Jerk, Push Press, Wall Balls, Double Unders: Just some of the movements involved in a typical Crossfit session, don’t worry – you’ll pick this up quickly!
  • Bumper Plates and Barbells: The weight plates which slide onto our barbells are different to most commercial gyms, you are allowed to drop them BUT, only if the plates are 10kg each and above and you control the bar path to the floor. You are never allowed to drop an empty barbell unless your safety is compromised. Our coaches will cover this in your fundamental classes.

Burpee Penalties

  • No Water on the Rubber during a WOD: It’s okay to workout with a dry mouth!
  • No Kettlebells (KBs) on the wooden platforms: We don’t dump KBs (ever) and we don’t place them on the wood – it can cause the wood to chip.
  • The Chalk Bucket: Whatever you do, don’t knock this one over! (100 burpee penalty). Please be mindful of the 2 chalk buckets. When they get knocked over, it is a hassle to clean and a waste of good chalk.
  • Packing Up: You are responsible for packing up gear, but please make sure nothing gets packed away until the last person has finished training. If you’re all done and someone is still getting through the WOD, run on over to them and cheer them on to the home straight. We then pack up together (it’s a respect thing)
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