Crossfit Total

Saturday 21.12.13

“Crossfit Total”

  • 1RM Back Squat
  • 1RM Press
  • 1RM Deadlift

Post loads and PRs to comments

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  • Mark says:

    Believe it or not, first ever Crossfit Total

    Back squat 95kg (new 1RM)

    Strict press 45kg

    Deadlift 135kg (new ‘good form’ 1RM)

    CFT = 275

    Merry Christmas everyone.

  • Ivan L says:

    Really pleased. 3 new 1RMs today! Back squat 117.5 (5.5kg new PB).
    Strict press 60kg (2.5kg new PB).
    Dead lift 150kg (10kg new PB).

    CFT – 327.5kg (27.5 new PB on May CFT). Chuffed!

  • Fee says:

    First ever CFT.
    Got 230
    110 Dead lift
    85 back squat
    35 press
    All new 1RMs so am pretty happy with that. Super fun to work with Ames. She is a gun!

  • john parr says:

    Was looking forward to the next cf total because in theory I had a crazy better score

    Back squat 150kg

    Press 65kg

    Dead lift 200kg

    Total 415kg

    A pr on the total but not on any of the lifts. Still happy

  • Aimee says:

    Also a CFT virgin!!

    Total: 247

    BS: 90kgs
    DL: 125kgs – had 130 up but lost my grip at the top… Doh!
    SP: 32kgs – super happy with this as shoulder has held me back on these.

    So much fun working with Fee – strong mummies unite!

  • KJ says:

    Back squat 90 (very excited by this…coach Craig told me to settle it down😊 celebrate at the END!)
    Strict press 47.5
    Dead 120
    For a total of 257.5
    Happy dance.
    Tessa…you are amazing! Well done! Was a pleasure training with you for the first time.

  • TessaW says:

    Also a first time CFT for me. And incidentally, first time testing a deadlift and a strict press for me, so didn’t have too much to go on haha.

    Total = 247.5kg

    Squat = 105
    Press = 32.5
    Deadlift = 120

    Obviously my legs are far better than my arms! Shoulder press definitely something to work on. I feel I may have been able to go heavier today, but didn’t quite have the right form/technique for it yet.
    And should have made the backsquat up to 107 or something, jumped from 105 to 110 and failed it twice.

    All in all, still pretty pleased πŸ™‚

    Was awesome to work with KJ, she is amazing! πŸ™‚

  • rob rigby says:

    Fun times, always a great atmosphere for the CFT.

    Squat – 155kg (+5kg PR)

    Strict Press – 67kg (+4.5kg PR)

    Deadlift – 160kg (no PR)

    CFT = 382 = PR! Getting closer to my goal of 400kg total, the deadlift needs work.

  • Ray Simonsen says:

    Back Squat – 124kg – NEW PB

    Strict Press – 57kg – New PB

    Deadlift – 172kg New PB.

    353 KG Total

  • Sharon Simonsen says:

    First total. Was excited and nervous due to recent injuries. Quite happy with my 220 result.

    back squat 87.5 (up 0.5 from last pb)
    Press 35 (first go at 1rm)
    Deadlift 97.5 (this let me down 1rm is 110)

  • zacbax says:

    1st cft loved it.

    Back squat 137kg, 12kg pb
    Strict press 62kg, 2kg pb (which was only set last week)
    Deadlift 172kg, pb as I hadnt tested before

    371kg total absolutely stoked with this!

  • Josh B says:

    Completely stoked with my first Crossfit total!!
    130kg back squat (failed at 135kg)
    60kg strict press
    165kg dead lift (although looking at the video of my last one my technique was off)

    So all up a sweet total of 355kg

  • Will C says:

    CFT is always a deadly sess!

    No new PB’s but still had a great sess regardless!

    Back squat=145kgs which is equal my 1RM which I only achieved a little while ago so I was happy

    Strict Press= still stuck at 60kgs 1RM!! Need to work on this

    Deadlift= 200kgs yeah baby!! One day I’ll break past my 205kg 1RM!!

    CFT =405kgs πŸ™‚

  • AK says:

    First ever crossfit total for me too. I haven’t had the chance to test any of these 1RM’s either, had previously focused on technique.

    Back Squat: 70kgs – after Thursdays WOD I wasn’t sure I’d get this! Ouch
    Strict Press: Failed 35 about 3 times before getting 33.5
    Dead Lift: I got to 116. I think I could have done more with more time. Still stoked with that.

    Total: 219.5

  • Karen L says:

    Total 203.5kg
    Back Squat: 66kg – previous 1RM 65
    Strict Press: 32.5kg – previous 1RM 28.5kg
    Deadlift: 105kg – previous 1RM 86kg
    Great fun today!

  • Nicola W says:

    CrossFit Total rocks! My main goal was to hit a triple digit deadlift but managed three PB’s.

    Back squat – 82kg
    Strict press – 33kg
    Deadlift – 110kg
    Total – 225kg

    Last CFT in April – 184kg

    Whoop whoop πŸ™‚

  • DJ says:

    I’ve somehow never done Crossfit Total – so a first for me.

    SQUAT – 130 (10kg off my PB)
    PRESS – 62.5
    DEAD LIFT – 180 (PB).

    TOTAL 372.5.

    Next time – my goal will be 400.

  • Tim Armstrong says:

    Crossfit Total V plates today, but absolutely loved it! Really enjoyed the discipline e of working up to and through existing PRs.

    Set a new back squat 1RM a couple of weeks back but pushed it up 5kg today to 130kg. Feel like I might have a little more in the tank there (maybe) so looking forward to re-testing before too long.

    Strict press was interesting. Enjoyed the straight test of shoulder power as I’ve been quietly complaining to myself about needing better shoulder strength for a while now. Pleasant surprise today. Worked up through 55, 60, 65, topped out at 70kg today. Felt good.

    Dead lift max was brand new territory – never tested it before, can’t remember ever going past about 120. But Ivan was leaving as I arrived and said he hit 150kg so I might have made that my target…:). Got it. Just. Couldn’t have done another 5kg, and had that nice little dizzy moment after I dropped the bar, so happy with that for now.

    So, my first ever Crossfit Total is 350kg.

    Very satisfying way to (almost) round out the year. Thanks to Steve and Joe that I worked with today, and to Coach Craig for words of encouragement.

    • Ivan L says:

      Wow Tim! Very solid all round. I’m most impressed by the press – after my struggle at 60 I find 70kg almost incomprehensible. Good stuff.

      • Steve-o says:

        Tim made those presses look like NOTHING! It was really impressive how that weight just flew up! Great work.

        and I think the constant mantra of “I’ve just got to match or beat Ivan” helped him out a bit πŸ˜‰

  • Olivia says:

    Did my first CFT in April after 3 mths of starting crossfit. Scored 197kg
    PR today with 234kg (+37kg)

    BS: 85kg (+3kg PB from new one set last week)
    SP: 37kg (PB 37.5kg from new one set last week)
    DL: 112kg (PB 105 from previous CFT)

    Happy with today! πŸ™‚

  • Steve-o says:

    Great atmosphere today even with a few of the 8:30 zombies groaning during the warm-up…

    Last CFT (May?) I was off my game, just got back from over 2 months off and struggled with all 3 lifts scraping in around 250?

    This time I hit massive PBs and loved it – scored 340 (PB by 90kg!);
    Back Squat – FINALLY 120kg (been stuck at 110 until I hit 112 earlier this week)
    Press – 50kg (No PB – Shoulder wasn’t playing ball today)
    Dead – 170kg (20kg PB) – I didn’t believe I had the lift so stood there for a few extra seconds so nobody could say that it was a no rep (even looked at Sean for confidence).

    Great to work with Tim and Joe! We each had our strength and those guys rocked it!

  • TarrynC says:

    What an awesome day!

    Disappointed with my back squat. 1rm is 70kg from 2 weeks ago. Failed 75, 72.5 and 71 today. Stubbornness had me refusing to try 70kg, so my score for today was 65kg.

    Never tested strict press and can’t remember what I was working with last time I did it so no idea what to expect. Got 31kg, failed 32.5kg.

    Also never tested deadlift, heaviest I have done so far is 70kg during Diane. Was aiming for 100kg, failed my first attempt so dropped to 97.5 which I also failed. Dropped back to 95 and worked my way up again and nailed the 100kg! Woohoo! Stoked!

  • Ben M says:

    This was my first CFT. Worked with Ray and he was awesome.

    BS @105kg which is a new PR, although i was hoping to go a little heavier but talked myself out of getting 110 up.

    SP @60kg, had 62kg above my head twice just couldnt lock it out.

    DL @165kg, disappointed with this even though it was a 5kg PR, form was bad, Stripper much!! I think i would have been paid alot of $1 bills for my last 4 lifts. Think i would have been able to go heavier but good form would be helpful.

    CFT – 330kg

    So much leg stuff, my nemesis. Good fun though.

  • Roslyn says:

    Only my third session, thanks Sharon for the great support.
    Naturally all will be PRs for me but hoping to improve quickly

    Back squat – 42.5kg – this is the first time I had my squat low enough to count as a rep πŸ™‚ Still working on correct technique.
    Press – 25kg
    Dead ligt – 90kg
    Total – 157.5

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