1RM back squat and “The Zombie Test”

Monday 23.9.13

A: 1RM back squat

B: In 10 minutes:

  • Run 400m
  • Then 3 rounds
    – 6 strict pullups
    – 10 push ups
    – 30 double unders
  • Then ME burpees with the remainder of the time – This is your score for the workout.

Coaches notes:

1RM – don’t go for an equal PB, add a couple of kilos and get a new one. We got heaps this morning and we are expecting many more for the remainder of the sessions today. Props to Tahni who hit 105kg this morning. Massive.

MetCon - The moves are all basic, body weight, strength movements, and it is pretty much the simplest workout that we have seen programmed in the last month.
Ben named this the basic “Zombie Test”this morning, If you don’t get to the burpees, the Zombies have already gotten to you and you are gonskis. Game over, thanks for playing. (Ben’s words, not mine!)



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