Saturday 03.08.13



  • Deadlift 100/70
  • HSPU

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  • Heinex says:

    Coach B murdered Diane. Awesome to watch!

    But she bitch slapped the hell out me!
    DNF- 7/15 HSPU

  • Aimee says:

    Scaled HSPU to strict PUs.


    Well done Penny on your solid strict PUs, and to Jody on your bar muscles ups!! Woot!

  • Lima_Foxtrot says:

    55kg and strict PU (concentrating on form and avoiding the dreaded worm)

    Soooo excited to be back working out after a week of enforced rest.

  • Danielle says:

    So pleased to finally get to a WOD with HSPUs!!
    DNF 11/15 Deadlifts.
    Beyond pleased I finished the round of 21 HSPU even if I do have weird broken capillaries around my eyes now haha!

    Well done Jody on the bar muscle up – awesomeness! And it wasn’t even past 11am πŸ˜‰

  • john parr says:

    Mixed emotions about this morning

    I got my name knocked off the board, but I got a 80 second pb


    It was a good morning for pbs. Congrats to Ben, rosey, Craig and to everyone els who smashed their old score

  • James says:

    First time meeting Diane, happy I was able to RX the HSPU.

    DNF, 11/15 HSPU.

    Surprised myself with my pacing, and after the HSPU wod earlier this week that I completely sucked at I was really sure I would get stuck on the 21 set of HSPU.
    But Coach B said Id get into the round of 15, and so it was. Love these push pull benchmarks! So much fun.

  • Amanda C says:

    Told Couch Sean I was going to take it easy today as my asthma was playing up – 9 minutes and 47? seconds later I was assuming the post wod position on the floor completely spent. :O

    Scaled to PUs and went 70kg for the dead lifts.

  • TarrynC says:

    I have somehow managed 4 months at adapt without ever doing a deadlift (apart from one on an empty bar during fundamentals)…..well, today that changed!

    Worked with the rx weight 70kg, first 5, easy as! That didn’t last long! Attempted HSPU but failed 4 attempts so scaled to push ups. DNF, finished 4 (?) deadlifts into round of 9.

    Very happy with my efforts today =)

    • Amanda C says:

      You did so well with the deadlifts. I think you will do really well when you test your 1RM.
      Awesome working with you today.

  • Ellyse says:

    DNF, scaled HSPU to strict PU, and used 60kg for DL, got to 2DL in the last round.

    DL technique was poor, something to improve on.

  • DJ says:

    7:42 RX.

    First time I have done Dianne. Happy with the result, but not satisfied. Plenty to work on. Thanks Coach B for pushing me through the workout.

  • Olivia says:

    Have never done this WOD before and after getting my first HSPU on Monday I was pleased to test them again..

    5/15 HSPU … Started with sets of 3, then a few 2’s and down to one at a time.. Deadlifts got heavy!
    Happy, happy – now I have a benchmark for the next time I meet Diane πŸ™‚

    Thanks Sam B for the post WOD neck, rib and shoulder crack. Lol

  • Steve-o says:

    Another Diane first timer… This is the first time I’ve been happy/satisfied to not finish a wod!
    I admit I am horrible at HSPUs, but love deads… so this was not my benchmark.
    DNF with 4/15 HSPUs – although felt super comfy with the 100kg deads, managed nice size sets of unbroken deads but had to slow down HSPUs quickly to singles. (Extra credit for doing 16 deads in rd of 15?)

    I also had the pleasure of working with Coach B! Not only did he smash the wod, doing reps faster than I could count em, but he was great support getting me through the wod and helped me keep my s***. Great motivational booster!

  • Jody Dobush says:

    Thanks for the shout outs Aimee and Danielle. Solid HSPUs Dani.

    Super stoked!!

    5:57 RX. On the board. Heck Ya!! The hard work is paying off.


    My first bar muscle ups! Thank you Coaches Craig, Sean and Ben. Craig for getting me off the band and using my knees. Sean for using the jump right into the swing, and Ben for not using my arms and just get the shoulders over the bar.
    Thank you so much!

    And thanks to All the Adapt Peeps who were cheering me on. It was a great feeling. You guys are Awesome!!

  • Mark says:

    My first time at Diane.

    Scaled to 80kg on the deads, but really burnt out on the HSPUs. Finished 10 or so of them in the round of 15.

    The stronger and fitter version of myself (a few months from now) is looking forward to the next encounter with Diane…

  • Nicola W says:

    Hello Diane attempt two.

    An improvement on last time as got the HPU’s – sort of.

    21 x 70Kg Deadlifts and 18 x HSPU’s scaled to the ab mat.

    Next time DIane, next time πŸ˜‰

  • Penny says:

    Deadlifts @70kg, scaled to strict push ups – finished 11:59 with Aimee getting me through the last few push ups in time πŸ™‚

    Well done Jody on the muscle up!

  • bronj says:

    Happy to have finished in 10.16. Did 60kg which is my current 1rm and pushups. Tried to do a handstand PU in practice but don’t have the strength yet.

    Never groaned so much in any WOD but think my deadlift 1rm will go up when we retest which is great.

    Felt dreadful for about 3 hours afterwards. Even picking Leo up at 9kg was difficult after this one….

  • Leanne says:

    WHOO HOO Jody, awesome to watch you get bar MU!!

    Last time I met Diane I finished in 8min but was only lifting 45kg and box PU (?)

    This time I lifted 65kg and worked on strict PU and timed out having completed 15 PU 😊

    Compliments from Coaches and Adapt peeps on deadlifts and push-ups so must be doing something right even if it doesn’t always feel that way…

  • Sam B says:

    First time meeting Dianne too. And only had kipping HSPUs for about a week and a half.

    Worked with 100kg for the deadlifts, and it was hard but manageable. Got through the first set of 21 DLs in reasonable time. Then it got interesting…

    Basically the rest of the WOD became a HSPU practice session. I finished 18/21 before timing out.

    Definitely gives me something to beat next time.

  • kirsten says:

    scaled to strict push ups which are still newish for me

    2/9 PU

    @ 50kg.

    this was awesome – really enjoyed this!

  • eliza says:

    last round 2/9 pushups to go.
    Did 60kg, which was heavy for me, happy with my efforts. Thanks to Bron and sean for the cheerin or thats crap πŸ˜‰

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