back squats, swings, push-press and lunges

Tuesday 30.4.13


  • Back Squat
    • 1X5 @ 80%
    • 2X3 @ 85%
    • 3X1 @ 90%


For time (10 min cap):

  • 20 KBS 24/16kg
  • 12 Push Press 60/40kg
  • 20 Walking Lunges (on the spot)
  • 40 KBS
  • 9 Push Press
  • 40 Walking Lunges
  • 60 KBS
  • 6 Push Press
  • 60 Walking Lunges

Post loads, times (and/or completed reps for the conditioning, plus training notes to comments.

Coaches Notes

If you can push-press 1 at the prescribed weight (RX’d), then you can do them all at the prescribed weight. If you can’t do them RX’d then you have a strength deficiency and it is worth going as heavy as you possible can (safely of course) to develop your strength. Get your heads in the game – most of you can lift more than you think you can – Back yourself and try a little harder…

Coach B

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Coach B

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  • Ivan L says:

    A. Worked off 105. Felt good. Technique stayed pretty good.

    B. Just 10 lunges off finishing. Push press at 55kg. Held back from 60kg because I was thinking strict press (1 rm is 55). Disappointed.

    P.S. Walled a “supple leopard”? Hmmm…

  • Sam B says:

    A: Worked off 100kg 1RM, (80kg, 85kg and 90kg), and my single reps could have been heavier. Was challenged by Ben to check my 1RM – if its gone up then that’s just since doing the Crossfit Total…

    B: Worked with 24kg KB and 60kg push press. Had to do the push presses as singles (so I actually also did a whole bunch of 60kg cleans as well…) Got all the way through the first round, and 31 KB swings into the second. Bloody hard work, but it felt good to lift that much.

  • Brendo says:

    Started working off a 1RM of 100kg. Had to dial that back a bit to get proper technique so I stuck with the 80kg for the 2×3, then 85kg for the 3×1. Had a little time left so went to 90kg for an extra rep. Tried to bounce it out of the bottom and the back folded a little bit. Still, got the bounce, got the depth, just got to work on the back staying tight.

    As Will Ferrell exclaimed in “Land of the Lost” – “Captain Kirk’s nipples!” Part b was hard. Did 60kg, but after the first 3 sets of 3, it was pretty much singles time from there. Got up to 4 push press into the second round before timing out at 10mins.

    My animal persona for this morning? I’m going to have to go with “harassed hippo”. Felt lethargic and slow, but still got the job done! πŸ™‚

  • Kathleen says:

    A: Worked with sets of 65kg, 68kg, 75kg (not exact percentages of 80kg (should have been 64, 68, 72), but easier than getting lots of little weights out). A couple of tough reps, but overall felt pretty good.

    B: All movements rx. Finished 37 of the 60 lunges. I would have loved to have finished this one – next time! My grip strength/endurance with the KBS let me down a little bit, as did the efficiency of my set of 12 push presses.

    Great morning (yet again)! Looking forward to a day off tomorrow though! πŸ™‚

  • Kylie says:

    A: Attempted the first set of 5 working off my 1RM but form fell apart – chest was stuck on my knees. Ben told me to pull back and work on proper technique so ended up doing about 6 sets of 5 at 45kg (60% of my 1RM). Really frustrating and disappointing as I thought I was improving with this. Oh well, try again next time πŸ™‚

    B: Did 30kg push press (didn’t have the mental toughness to push myself heavier than this after the back squats) – got to 19 KB swings (16kg) in the last round.

  • Becco says:

    A: Worked off percentages 75kg. The first 5 were tough! Got headspins but I’m going with that means I was working hard and the weights were right!

    B: Rx weights and got through 10 KBS into the 60. Was stoked at my push press @ 40kg – all legit reps – was hard towards the end but felt amazing!

  • Sarah Cav says:

    A: worked off 70kg. need to work a bit more on that bounce.
    B: 9’35” Rx. Efficiency in push presses could have improved my time but pretty happy that i did the whole workout unbroken and without dropping the bar or KB.

  • Dom says:

    @Cindy – It was nearly one when the post WOD discussion team left the gym today.

    A: dropped 10 Kg of my lifts – 120, 130, 140.

    B: 4 push press into the final round.

    • Cindyd says:

      haha that’s awesome, I will see you guys Thursday & Friday. Hopefully you won’t have ran out of conversation then :0)

  • Kristy W says:

    Worked off 90kgs which is not my 1rm but had to move on from doing % at previous of 80kgs. Good challenge and managed a new PB in process.
    9:49rx. Had to break down swings to protect my hands.

  • Loven says:

    Wish I was there, this is the kind of WOD I would have liked to do. A pity, shoulders are still buggered, may have to put off coming now ’til Thurs.

  • David N says:

    A: went off a 1 RM of 95
    5 @ 75kg
    2 x 3 @ 80kg
    2 @ 85kg
    1 @ 90kg

    B: 2/9 push press (2nd round) @ 55kg. These were a real battle. Managed 2 in a row at the beginning and by the end just getting the clean was hard enough.

  • eliza says:

    a: Went off a 1 rm off 50kg
    [email protected] 40
    2 x 3 @ 45kg
    2 @ 50kg
    1 @ 55kg
    Should have started higher as this were good strong reps and I def had more.

    B: Push press @ 25kg from rack, 12 kg KB.
    Push press was good, maybe should have done 30kg, did 2 rounds of KB and then swapped to Box jumps for last round. Got to 30 of my last round of Lunges.
    All good πŸ™‚

  • Aimee says:

    A: worked off percentages of 75kgs. Felt solid, keen to retry my 1rm.

    B: PP @ 30kgs – shoulder pain during warmup so didn’t want to push it. Finished just… 9:59.

    Thanks to Nic for politely asking me to pick up the pace.

    • Nicola W says:

      I’m still chuckling about it! I was so polite πŸ˜‰ Excellent job though getting through those 60 lunges!

  • Nicola W says:

    A) BS working off 67Kg 1RM

    80% – 55Kg
    85% – 57Kg
    90% – 60Kg

    Felt way heavier than previous weeks – thank you CFT for a new 1RM haha!

    B) KB @ 16Kg, PP @ 30Kg

    Got to 45 out of the 60 KB Swings. Pretty happy, found the push press the hardest because as usual I wasn’t getting under the bar enough so tried to strict press a few.

    Enjoyed being Aimee’s buddy again. She was on fire that last 90 seconds x

  • Lenin says:

    Was only able to do part A tonight due to time, worked at 65, 70 and 75kgs. Felt flat tonight trying to work through this but pushed to make sure I completed the strength component this evening.

  • Cindyd says:

    A: Worked on
    67.5 (my 1 RM)
    Then I accidently (due to poor calculation by KJ & I) got a new PR @70.
    Failed at 73kg, but I really think I would have cleared it if I was fresher.

    B: Rx weight, got to 11 KBS in the last round. Was really glad I battled it out at the rx weight.40kg, is a new PR for me in push press.

    2 PR’s in one workout happy days. I think credit needs to go to the Paleo Meal Boxes, that shiz gives you super powers.

  • rob rigby says:

    A: 120kg, 127.5kg, 135kg

    B: 31 lunges in 2nd round. Too slow on 1st round of PP… annoyed I didn’t get into 3rd round.

  • TarrynC says:

    A: Worked off 1rm of 55kgs. 95% felt good at 50kg

    B: This one sounds so much easier than it was for me! 16kg KBS but only 25kg for the first 12 push press, then went down to 20kg for the next 9 because I struggled with the last 4 in the first round. Was definitley too light and I should have stayed at 25kg.

    Finished on 37 of the 40 Lunges in the second round.

    Feel great now =)

  • Penny says:

    A: 50kg, 55kg, 60kg – need to remember to switch everything on πŸ™‚

    B: KBS @ 16kg, PP @ 25kg (Craig decided it looked to easy so bumped the weight up to 30kg halfway through the set of 9). Got 3 PP into the round of 6 before I timed out. Wish I had more faith and confidence in myself to hit the bigger weight from the beginning, always next time.

  • Trace says:

    A: worked off 1RM of 70kg, being 55kg, 60kg and 65kg. Felt good, love back squats!

    B: 16kg KB, 30kg PP. The presses were the killer and I really struggled, started with 40kg on the bar but couldn’t get 1, dropped to 35kg and still couldn’t get one! Still a little weak in my right shoulder and struggle to lock it out over head, need to work on this. Timed out at 19 KB swings into the third round.

    Was great working with Leanne, she smashed it today!

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