Outlaw Concept 1: Everything is Everything

So we (Becca, Pip, Jimmy and Sash) are all back from the Outlaw training Camp on the weekend.


We had a great time, did some cool workouts and learnt a heap of new techniues and new ways to fix weaknesses and/or bad positions.

Rudy spoke to us about the concept of everything is everything. Everything (every movement) is related to everything (every movement). For example: your chest position in the bottom of a front squat is the same as your chest position in the bottom of a high bar back squat, is the same as your chest position in the bottom of a snatch, etc. Or your hollow position in a handstand is the same as your hollow position in a butterfly pull-up, etc. Everything is everything.

If you don’t understand – don’t worry because you’ll get plenty of practice over the coming days, weeks and months. Hey we might even do some drills today?

Monday 22.1.13

‘Helen’ (12 min cap)
3 RFT:
– 400m run
– 21 KB swings (OH) w/ 24/16kg
– 12 pull-ups

Coaches Notes: Focus on perfect reps – If you’re first 5 swings are perfect and the rest are crap – we won’t count them. If Everything id Everything (and it is) then maintaining perfect form is way more important then finishing in the given time cap. Oh and it’s not a 400m ‘jog’ – it’s a sprint – so run your arse off!

Post Loads, training notes and times to comments.

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Coach B

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  • Craig W says:

    Awesome work today from the 5:30am & 6:30am crew.
    Don’t tell Nicola but I LOVE Helen :D, still short of my PR but went 24 seconds quicker than my last time @Adapt. Its no coincidence that since I joined the end of October all of my PR’s are improving dramatically and with the changes Ben mentioned on the home page coming in I’m looking forward to getting stronger, quicker and faster this year
    Helen time: 8:06 RX

  • leannec says:

    ok, so it felt ok under the bar to start with, duck walking forward seemed like it was happening, walking backward was weird… got it on the second go. Practice needed

    Helen: 2 rounds + about 75% of run within the cut-off time. Finished the run just to finish it off.

    There was a definite change in CoachB’s intensity this morning πŸ™‚

  • Karen L says:

    A good workout but didn’t finish. Completed 2 rounds + 400m +3 KBS. Tried kipping again but still need to work on it so went back to the yellow band. Right calf still sore and was hurting again from half way through second 400m.

  • Simon A says:

    Great morning. But that duck walk is hard.

    Managed 10:21 but pull-ups really fell away at the end. Thanks Rob for pushing me.

    Awesome to be in Craig’s heat while he showed Helen who is boss. Great work mate!

  • Andy O says:

    Excited at the “strength and perfect movement” direction! I think I hit the deep squat position for the first time today, forseeing the weights coming off as I work on cleaning up sloppy technique.

    Craig you can have Helen mate. But the treat them mean, keep them keen adage is definitely true. She treated me REAL mean today and I’ve got a burning to pay her back.

    DNF – 8 swings into the last round.

  • JoJo says:

    so frustrated that i cant come today! dad’s birthday, if i had known it was helen i would have come in the morning! might have to do it in an open gym on thursday….

  • Sarah Cav says:

    9’40 Rx. 30 seconds off last time so happy.
    Have to tighten up pullups and ‘stop stuffing around with chalk’.
    thnx Coach Craig for tips.
    Super excited about moving forward with Outlaw methods and drills. quack quack

  • Mark says:

    First time doing Helen – used Rx KB, and ended 10 pullups away from finishing. I felt really good through the first round, but fell away fairly quickly in the second, and the third was an absolute battle. Maybe I went out too hard at the start. Either way, I was dry retching for 10mins afterwards, and the 6:30 class was a third of the way over before I got my sh*t together!

  • Ames86 says:

    Today was lots of big fun πŸ˜‰ loved the warm up and the OH squat drills.

    Helen is a bitch. 2nd time for me and I finished on the third round about halfway through kb swings rx’d. Knew I had to pace the run from the start because that stuffed me last time. Chins were with the yellow and orange bands. Forearms killed afterwards but I noticed an improvement on my grip and unbroken reps for the first and third rounds! Will aim to make up for time lost in transitions next time.

  • Steve-o says:

    Very happy with today’s technique and excited about the new duck walk and direction of the gym, should be an interesting change coming… And I already suffered a few no reps this morning.

    DNF RX Helen with 12/21 swings in third round.
    Last time I did it in 13:30 or so, so i knew the 12 min cap would be a tough challenge… Then again last time my OH swings really suffered and I almost took my head off – this time my swings felt much stronger!

    Grats to Dale and Kathleen in the 10am session. Great work out of both!!!

  • Becco says:

    So the warm up was a bit intense….not sure about this American football up-downs thing! Don’t hate me, but I think I like burpees better! (I know that will come back to haunt me!)

    Clearly have to work on my posture, was a bit wobbly with the duck walk after a few waddles!

    Helen…..we meet again…..made it through 2 full rounds + 400m + 3 KB swings. Rx’d the swings and did band assisted pull-ups.

  • Dale says:

    Like a few others, I am pumped for the new changes. I see technique as being much more important than strength. Not only for injury prevention and mobility but because a PR with bad technique can only be smashed when changed to perfect technique! I’m excited!!

    First time meeting Helen.

    11:14 Rx’d… That. Was. Hard.

  • Kathleen says:

    I’m definitely excited about the standards being raised at Adapt. I’m keen to practice more of those duck walks too – I can see how they’ll build my confidence in dropping under the bar more in my snatch!

    My first encounter with Helen was in November, 3 weeks into CrossFit. It was a 15min cap back then and I finished in 11:28 with blue banded pull-ups.
    This time round, now almost 3 months in, I completed in 11:25 Rx. There’s still plenty of room for improvement, particularly if I stop being such a ‘chalk monkey’.

  • Kylie says:

    Great tech work this morning – closer but still so far away from a perfect squat! And so could not duck walk!

    Helen: DNF, Got half way through the 3rd round run, 16kg KB and band assisted pull-ups. Pull-ups took too long (so did the runs) but was happy overall when I compared it back to my old times/weights. Mentally struggling this morning.

  • Ben L says:

    Quack, quack. Good exercise, this is exactly what I need to get more comfortable at the bottom of my squat.

    Really disappointed I timed out on Helen, I thought that I would finish sub 12min. Had 5 more pull-ups to go but had nothing left in me. I’m new to kipping, that really needs working on. Trained with Craig who was great help, he flew through Helen…awesome to watch.

  • Dom says:

    This years definitely not about strength for me but working on my mobility and endurance.

    If I’m moving better than I can move more in the most efficient manner rather than falling back on to brute forcing a technical movement.

    2 rounds of Helen + 1 Swing…

  • Sam B says:

    Really like the idea of ‘everything is everything’.

    Helen was about the pull ups for me. Completed the run in the third round after time. Started on 24kg KB, dropped down to 20kg half way through round 2. Pull ups with purple band, and mostly had to do singles.

  • AimeeBB says:

    A: yes the duck waddle, managed to go forward, but fell going back and dumped the bar (oops sorry Bec).

    B: first Helen! Timed out at 12 KBs in final round. 16kg KBs with banded pull-ups.
    Thanks Bec for the encouragement! Yay for kipping! πŸ™‚

  • Leanne says:

    Intense warmup… Loved the technique component but need to practice being a duck!

    First time I met Helen I did 3 rounds in the 15 min time cap BUT was using rower, 10kg KB and ring pulls!!!
    …. This time round I did the runs, had 14kg KB and my first time at banded pull-ups !!
    DNF but wow it was tough and I loved it πŸ˜ƒ

    Special THANKS to Pip for assisting with PU and Ben’s daughter for encouraging me up the hill πŸ˜ƒ

  • Craig W says:

    Rosie 8:02 I hate you πŸ˜€

    We need a Helen off! I reckon we’d both go sub 8

    Awesome work today mate – amazed you did this time with kipping pull ups and not butterflies

  • theparrman says:

    RXed it
    Did it in 10:15
    30 seconds off my pb

    But still a good night

  • Nicola W says:

    Really enjoyed the new style warm up and tekkers session, must work on my flexibility and get that squat sorted. Also really liked the sound of the go for strength first, then worry about the time approach. That’s great news for me as I’m trying to nail technique and build up the weight.

    As for Helen – it was my second attempt. The first time I completed in 13:51 with ring rows instead of pull ups, today I did banded pull ups which were fine in round 1 but tiring in round 2. Completed 2 full rounds and got 1 foot out of the door for the 3rd round 400m run before the 12 minute time cap.

  • Matt Z says:

    Timed out with 9 pullups to go. Hands are ruined. Felt much stronger during the swings, but the running is really slowing me down.

  • jadon says:

    really enjoyed yesterdays workout. very challenging with the squat tech.

    Helen: started my 3rd 400mt run. Got to cheesecake shop.

  • Bairdy says:

    Loved the emphasis on the mobility and movement side of things. To say I am not the most mobile when it comes to a squat would be an understatment.

    Completed 2 rounds of Helen and just short of finishing the 3rd 400m run. Used the 24kb for swings and kipping pull-ups (only doing 2-3 at a time though). Want to try and learn the butterfly technique over the course of the next few months.

  • Natalie says:

    The mobility warm up was definitely an eye-opener. Working on hip mobility everyday, hopefully better squat form and ROM will follow, eventually..

    Completed 1 full round of Helen and 7/12 pull ups of the second round.
    – 16kg KB
    – Band used for PU. First time with chin over the bar, ever!

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