Yep, if you’ve figured that out it’s part Fran, part Elizabeth and part Dianne…

21 thrusters (40/30kg)
21 pull-ups
15 power clean (60/40kg)
15 ring-dips
9 deadlifts (100/80kg)

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Coach B

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  • Sam B says:

    First ever group session!
    Thrusters 20kg (empty bar)
    ring rows instead of pull ups
    Power cleans 40kg
    Push ups instead of ring dips
    Deadlifts 60kg
    5 second hold hand stands instead of HSPUs.
    Thought I was going to throw up, legs felt like jelly afterwards, my wife thinks I’m insane, but I completed the workout!

  • Brendo says:

    Not the threesome I would have asked for. I think Johnny’s wind up during the warm up about how much we would need to warm up made me more nervous than I’ve been for quite a while before a workout.

    Anyway, Rx’d everything except the dead lifts (80kg) and the HSPU (did eccentrics). Missed out on completing it by 2 handstands, d’oh!

  • Dom says:

    8:05 –

    Had to sub ring rows instead of pull ups due to injury but evevrything else was Rx’d.

  • DJ says:

    An awesome blend of WODs. Thanks coaches.

    9:43. Rx’d all except HSPU.

    I completed everything except for HSPU in 6 minutes, but then took me 3 minutes to complete 9 very ugly HSPU. Ended up performing 5 second hold Hand Stands.

  • Kylie says:

    Loved this one (yeah I’m crazy).

    Rx’d the weights (woo hoo!!), did pull-ups with bands, assisted ring dips and full push-ups. Finished in 11:33 πŸ™‚

    Thanks to all the coaches this morning – made all the difference!

  • Jamiew says:

    pretty bummed about this one

    Did 11:35 Rx’d but had done all but about 2 HSPU’s by about 7mins and then had about 5-10 no-reps. Arms got fried and then my head got fried. Desperately want to have another crack at it in the near future

  • Prudy90 says:

    I liked this one, was a hard but interesting one for the first session back after 2 weeks! But definitely want to try it again in a couple of weeks and see how I go

    – Thrusters @ 20kg
    – Pull ups with blue and orange band, will take it back to the blue one next time
    – Power cleans @ 25kg – need to work on technique a bit more, for some reason I just can’t get them.
    – Ring dips – body assisted
    – Deadlifts @ 50kg, heavy but good!
    – Hand stand for 5 seconds
    = 11.19

  • Andy O says:

    If legs had eyes, the death glares they would have been giving me today. That’s with rolling out!

    I can imagine these three ladies around a bubbling pot of mischief.

    A shade over 11 minutes I think.

    RX’s thrusters, pull-ups were down to singles by the end, RX’d cleans, tippy-toesies assisted dips, RX’d deadlifts, 1 HSPU to the foam block then holds for the rest.

  • Sarah Cav says:

    7’50” something.
    30kg thrusters, 40kg cleans, 65kg deads.
    Rings with yellow bands then not sure why, my body just started doing pushups instead of handstand holds.
    I got a bit of a shock when I went to do the first clean and learnt that when you have a bit of huff puff going on the set up for the clean needs to be spot on and you have to be a bit more aggressive.
    pleased to be starting to string some pullups together unbroken rather than ones and twos.

  • Ben says:

    RX’d weights on all, subbed dips for pushups. 11:55.

  • AimeeBB says:

    Enjoyed this WOD – really showed me my strengths and weaknesses!!

    11:19 – thrusters @20kg. Could have gone heavier but shoulder was unhappy even at this weight!
    Pull ups on blue band and Coach Bs assistance haha (thanks Ben! Too much junk in my trunk)!
    Cleans @35kg
    Assisted ring dips
    DLs @75kgs.
    Hand stand holds

    HUGE thanks to Benny boy and Kristie for getting me through this one, especially with my mung arm.

  • theparrman says:

    RXed it. did it in 8:17

    the hardest part was the last 4 hspu’s

  • Telicia says:

    Loved tonight’s workout so much. No idea why just felt good. Haha
    Thrusters @20kg left shoulder still playing up so this felt super heavy.
    Pull ups on the blue band
    Cleans @30 could have gone heavier
    Scaled dips to push-ups really annoyed at myself had a try of ring dips after my workout And i could do them fairly easily.
    Dead lifts @70 plus handstand holds. Finished it all in 8.29 stoked on this time! Great workout tonight coaches πŸ™‚

  • Cindyd says:


    Thrusters @25kg
    Ring rows (annoyed I didn’t back myself on banded pu’s)
    Powercleans @25kg (should have went heavier)
    Ring dips
    DL’s @85kg
    HS Holds…very happy with how these felt.

    Was good to do a WOD with the 7:15pm crew again, thanks for the support Annie!

  • Tom B says:

    Timed out at 12mins during my last HSPU eccentric. Scaled HSPU to 5sec eccentrics, other movements/weights were Rx. Ring dips were pretty messy and the power cleans felt very heavy.

  • NathO says:

    DNF. Bit disappointed on how this one worked out for me. Great work out though!

    I made solid time through:

    – 35kg thrusters & PU’s with an orange band.
    – 50kg cleans with tippy toe assisted ring pulls.
    – 80kg dead lifts…

    Then spent the final 3 minutes trying to get myself up on the wall for some hand stands. :S. I nailed them in the practice but during the WOD my arms were dead from the lifting and I psyched out after the first few fails. Bummer not to finish under the cap.

    There will always be more to work on though hey – classic CrossFit.

  • Leanne says:

    Loved this workout!!

    A lot of stuff is starting to come together and it just.felt.good…πŸ˜ƒ

    Thanks Louisa for changing over my weights

  • Matt Z says:

    10:02 – RX on bar items, scaled ring dips on toes+ handstand holds. Feeling pretty beat up after a tough weekend for me and Monday’s workout – cleans were ugly.
    Handstand at the end was a surprising mental game.

  • leannec says:

    First session at Adapt..
    Rowing instead of run for warm up
    Thrusters empty bar (15kg) + ring rows instead of pull ups
    Power cleans 25kg + standing ring dips
    Deadlifts 45kg + push ups instead of HSPU

    Fun(!), though had a bit of a brain snap initially… Started with power clean… No rep! x5 πŸ™‚

  • Lenin says:

    Thrusters 30kgs, could have gone to 35kgs
    Power cleans 50kgs
    Deads 100kgs

    Scaled the ring dips with just the toes touching and lifting full body weight off the ground and did push ups instead of HSPU.
    Need to work on handstands still to start doing them.
    First attempt at the power cleans was strange, felt like I couldn’t even lift the bar off the ground after the thrusters. Had to reset the brain and go again.
    First work out in over a week after our little man was born. Was tough to come back with fairly low motivation but it was good going again and felt good at the end of the workout.

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