“The Chief”

Saturday 27.10.12

5 x 3minutes

3 Power Cleans 60/40
6 Pushups
9 Squats

Rest 1 min Between rounds

Post rounds to comments

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  • Lenin says:

    Rx 16 rounds and 3 push ups. Massive improvement on last time we did this when I only managed 14 rounds with 50kgs.

  • 17 rounds + 3 powercleans RX (lost 20 secs or so starting as was in the b/room when clock started — whoops!). Two rounds more than last time we did this in May, happy with that!

    Cleans are pretty slow at this weight — had to reset after each rep and reset took longer in later rounds, but was conscious of maintaining form given the weight and rep range.

    Great working with KJ this morning.

  • Dale says:

    That was intense!

    Rx 21 rounds + 3 cleans… Very happy!

    Awesome atmosphere at the 9:15 session!

  • Annie says:

    First time I’ve done The Chief? I think I was away last time. I realise now why it’s called that, although if it were up to me The Arsehole might be a better name…………
    15 rounds + 3 power cleans and 4 push ups.
    I liked this workout a lot, really had concentrate on keeping my form on power cleans. Nick kept me in line a lot (thanks Nick) Right hip kept popping in the squats??? Not painful though.
    Hope the collar bone heals up Laya (your hardcore)

  • Michael Honey says:

    RX, 17 rounds, 5 squats. I like powercleans but 60kg is the start of heavy for me – so later rounds were slow. Thought that pushups would limit me but they were OK: quads were BURNING at the end of each set though.

    Thanks to WODmate Kylie! DEEPER SQUATS

    • Kylie says:

      Thanks for all,the encouragement Michael! Really helped me get through… And yep, the squats are on my LONG list of things to be working on!!

  • Kylie says:

    16 rounds, 7 squats with 35kg and knee push-ups (finishing on toes). Weight was heavy but managed it better than I thought I would, push ups feel like they are improving. Pretty happy with this overall, just need to keep working on my squat depth!

  • rob rigby says:

    First time doing The Chief, really enjoyed it.
    Power cleans @40kg due to lower back issues,
    18 rounds plus 1 power clean.

  • Laya says:

    15 rounds + 3 power cleans + 3 push ups. 32.5kg cleans and unscaled push ups (woohoo). First time doing The Chief, enjoyed it a lot. Felt like I was stuck on push ups the whole time, barely remember even doing squats or cleans. Collarbone is pretty banged up and bloody from cleans, need to maybe take it a little easier when racking the bar at the top.

  • Timmy E says:

    20 rounds + 2 cleans Rx’d.
    First time I’ve done this. 60kg was heavy for me, was also very slow in the squats. Was surprised how much the quads were burning.

  • AimeeBB says:

    This was a killer!

    14 rounds at 30kgs.

    Cleans felt heavy but managed to keep my technique.

  • kate says:

    I didn’t mind this workout it was really hard but good 🙂
    RX 15 rounds 2 squats push ups are the killer !

  • Cindyd says:

    17 Rounds @30kg, I went to scaled push ups after 7 rounds. Really struggled with dizziness on the push ups, but felt I could have went heavy with weights. I now have a nice “hickey” looking bruise for my efforts!!

  • David N says:

    19 rounds plus 3 push ups with 50kg.
    Back in May I did 18 rounds with 50kg.

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