Monday 3.9.12


3 rounds for time (14 min cap):
– 400m run
– 21 KB swings (OH) w/ 24/16kg
– 12 pull-ups

Post loads, times and training notes to comments.

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Coach B

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  • Prudy90 says:

    So… going away on holiday for two weeks loved it but holy moly has it set my chest condition back!!!!
    Did KB swings RX’d YAY!!! But did ring rows = 14.30? Went about 30 seconds over to finish the last reps. First time doing KB swings overhead and first time doing 16kg so am happy with those!!! Seriously need to work on my runs though 🙁

    Another quick thing, I was fortunate enough to be able to go to Crossfit Queenstown while away and was coached by Graeme who was great and flexible in allowing me to come in just for a week (only 3 days in the week).
    Firstly it was quite a shock going to another crossfit gym, I was quite nervous because I didn’t know what to expect and they don’t post their workouts so I was even more nervous.
    First day was pretty good = AMRAP, 10mins, 10 DL, 10 Box jumps, 10 pushups. I got to round 5 and finished the box jumps, can’t remeber my DL weight.
    Second day not so great = 450m run, 450m run with wallball, 450m – my chest acted up because the runs were outside and it was FREEZING!!! We complain about it being cold in the morning here… Queenstown was worse!!! We were slipping on the ice!!!
    Third day – OMG!!!! As graeme was reading this out to me his smile got bigger and bigger because my eyes were getting wider and wider!!
    I did the following in 23mins 03secs
    25 lunges
    20 pull ups
    50 box jumps 20″
    20 jump and touches 6″ target
    25 ring dips – yes I actually had to do ring dips, with a band but still did them. Surprisingly my form got better as I went.
    20 knees to elbows
    30 KBS 12kg
    30 sit ups
    30 hang squat cleans 15kg bar
    25 good mornings 15kg bar – that was different, kind of acted as my rest in this.
    30 wall balls 14 lbs – I was happy I just moved to the 12 at adapt about 2 weeks before NZ so this was hard but good!
    3 bear crawls 10m – These hurt so much by the end!!!
    Am pretty happy with this 🙂 Will do it in about 8 weeks once I’ve gotten back into it and see how I go.

    • sean says:

      what a novel

      graeme and the guys at crossfit queenstown were awesome, very accommodating and pretty cool guys as well

  • Fee says:

    I love Helen!
    Scaled to just Russian swings and ring thingys – but gosh they are a lot harder than you expect.
    Did it in about 10:24
    Good session

  • veronicarose says:

    That was a fun workout! Though I got the worst stitch in my side on the runs, but I kept going, so I’m happy with it.
    It took me 12:47 with a 10 kgs kettlebell and ring rows! I look forward to doing this one more as I get stronger!

  • Becco says:

    Awesome start to the week!!

    Starting to really like tis fitness thing, the runs are getting easier finally!

    Finished in 10:26 – first time doing overhead swings so scaled back and used 12kg. Did ring dips instead of pullups, still need some serious work in that area!

    Was great to have Pru & Kylie back – great session guys!!

  • Tom B says:

    9:47 Rx.
    Kipping pullups felt a lot harder after doing the KB swings, especially in forearms/grip.

    Tabata situps 11s and 10s.

  • Jamiew says:

    11:35 – Rx

    Running still a weakness but felt I was moving a bit quicker than last workout with running (at least I’m telling myself this to at least feel a bit better)

    Tabata sit-ups – 11

  • Kylie says:

    Awesome to be back in the gym!

    Helen: Somewhere around 12:25?? with a 12kg/KB (full swing). Runs are definitely the limiter and I am looking forward to this improving!

    Tabata situps – consitently did 9 till the last round when I pumped out 10. Probably should have been working harder earlier!

    Loved watching Bec power through it this morning – no fitness… yeah right!!

  • Dave P says:

    13:53 – Jumped on the rower due to a dodgy knee but what an awesome way to start the day. Love it!!!

    Thanks to Big Matty for pushing me along and keeping me honest.

    Tabata situps – 10

  • Steve-o says:

    13:33 w/ 20kg OH Swings & Orange band pull-ups (used red on last set).
    About the same time that I did the last Helen in but higher weight/lower band so stoked for the improvement.

    Tabata set: 15/16/14/13/12/12/13/12

  • Timmy E says:

    9.55 Rx’d.

    Was initially happy with this as I thought my previous time I had finished in 9.58 and could barely move afterward. However, after having gone through my notes my previous time was 9.12. That would probably explain why I didn’t finish on the floor this morning.

    I did hold back on the run, trying to conserve energy for swings knowing they’d be my limiter, trying to get all sets unbroken, but wasn’t to be. Forearms were burning. Oh well, win some lose some. Good to be back in the gym.

    9 throughout the 8 rounds for Tabata sit ups.

  • Dom says:

    Can’t make to the session I booked but fortunately for me or not I have the ability to do this one at home.

    15:11 – using a 12 kg Kb in each hand.

    When the 14 minute cap expired I’d just started the pull ups.

  • Laya says:

    12:17. 14kg KB (wow, overhead is weird. i much prefer russian! but good to learn. could definitely not do these unbroken, did sets of 5-10 at a time and just chipped away at it. legs were on fire while i did these), & ring rows.

    7-9 for the tabata sit ups. was wrecked by this point.

  • DJ says:

    9:33 RX. Awesome tips on the KB swings – thanks Ben.

    Tabatta sit ups – 18-16 for first 5, then started to die.. 10-12 last 3. Next time will try and be more consistent.

  • Ben says:

    24KB & ring rows – 13:0x? The last run was a killer

    Situps – started out with sets of 10. Faded off to 7 by the end.

  • AimeeBB says:

    11:02 with 14kg KBs and ring pulls.

    14 in the tabata sit ups – I’m crazy… But I love sit ups!!!

    Thanks for a great session Ben and Sean!

  • toner85 says:

    Helen for the first time , 10.09 rxd
    tabata situps 9 was my lowest . 

  • 9.33
    Ring rows and scaled swings to Russian swings at 10kg-shoulder still not great.
    Tabata 10

    Overall, pleased with this result

  • kate says:

    I have been away for a week with my wrist in plaster because I had a suspected fractured wrist … Happened at work not crossfit Anyway turns out its not broken yay! It’s still a little sore and I have been told to go slow on getting it moving again after the plaster. So tonight’s work out was all with one hand 12kg swings and ring rows. Managed to finish in 11:39

    Sit ups were 11… Best round 13

  • Kelly says:


    What a brutal Helen that was for me. I couldn’t even close my hands at the end of it. That will teach me to do some forearm work in the morning.

    As much as I’m sure I hated Coach B for yelling at me not to let go of the rings at the time. Cheers mate, helped me push through. Big thanks to Trent for keeping me going as well.

    Subbed rowing for the run. rx weight on 24kg kettlebell and ring rows.

    Did it in 13:xx

    Tabata situps managed 8 reps on last round.

  • Johnny says:

    10:10 Rx holy need to work on running, and grip strength hanging onto volume KB swings

    Tabata – 13 SU

    Finisher: dead hang L-sit muscle up practice

  • Cindyd says:

    13:46 (I think?) we 14kg kb.

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