Saturday 16.06.12

The crew warming up with some swings and burpees…


– 3 rounds for time

  • 400m run
  • 21 KB Swings 24/16
  • 12 Pullups

Post times to comments.

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  • PeteO says:

    DNF: 2 rounds + 21 swings + 8 pullups, with Rx weight and OH swings (1st time doing OH swings). Running and pullups were not pretty after round 1. I really need to work on stamina.

  • Karina West says:


    16kg KB (overhead) and orange band for pull-ups, started strict and then moved to kipping about half way through. In hindsight probably should have tried kipping with no band from the start. Pull-ups the hardest part for me — grip strength and forearm fatigue, AAAHH!

  • Michael Honey says:

    12:05. Grip strength let me down: couldn’t string two pull-ups together. Also: tried to run just 200m on the first lap. ERROR.

  • theparrman says:

    10:20 RX
    10 seconds faster than last time
    first set of pullups were butterly, but did a few questionable pullups so went back to standard kipping.
    helen was my first

  • Ben says:

    DNF: 2 rounds + 21 swings (20kg KB) + 4 pullups (orange band)

  • eliza says:

    Helen –
    14.21 finished. Running sucks. 14kg KB. ring pullups. Hands froze this morning but made it through. Thanks to bronster.

  • john.mck33 says:

    11:16 first RX! Stoked

  • KathO says:


    12kg KB OH swings, red band pull ups. Pull ups were the most challenging exercise – last round could barely string two together.

  • NathO says:

    15:00 on the dot.

    20kg KB and not OH yet.
    PU’s x 1 on orange, x 1/2 on red, x 1.5 on red + yellow.
    Ran pretty well… actually beat my times with every subsequent lab. Weird because it didn’t feel like it :P.

  • Annie says:

    DNF, got some KB swings out in the last round.12kg KB and Orange band.
    No energy felt sick very early on.
    Helen is not my friend.
    Had some bad news a few days ago so not getting much sleep, trying to eat but don’t really want too.

  • Steve-o says:

    13:27 w/ 16kg KB (not overhead) and on red band for pull ups, probably could’ve pushed the run a bit harder but something for next time.

  • lori says:

    Subbed air squats (50) & pushups for swings & pull ups due to dodgy back, DNF, got to 1 pushup in final rnd

  • Kristy Tank says:

    Helen: 11:55
    Used 14kg KB instead of 16kg KB & Purple band for pullups. Forearms were SOOO sore!!

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