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So I was sitting there with Ben having a coffee and just talking about how I am finding CrossFit, Adapt and the rest that comes with it and Ben said ‘you have to put that down and send it to us, we love to hear that stuff’. Here it is:

To be honest, my venture into CrossFit was out of pure boredom after discharging from the Australian Army Reserves and doing the same stuff at the gym for the past 8 years. My walk into Adapt was only a result of my uncle Cameron making the slight comment that I should come try it out.

I was considering going but then I had a shoulder reconstruction after an accident whilst doing pre-deployment training in the Army Reserves. 9 months on and I thought it’s time to have a look into it so I jumped on YouTube and searched ‘CrossFit’. I thought man these guys and girls are really smashing it. They were lifting crazy weights, doing insane movements and looked super fit, I wanted in.

Since my shoulder injury I had discharged from the Australian Army Reserves and had been really missing the fitness training and the whole team comradery. There is so much of a community vibe going on in Adapt as the team support and comradery is massive. I was very excited after leaving my first few sessions because when I came to the point of trying new movements and I was just not getting it, there always seemed to be a little bit of coach in everyone and that definitely helped me to make me understand what the hell I was supposed to do.

For the past 8 years I have been actively going to the gym and my training and goals have dramatically changed over the years. Initially I thought I was where I wanted to be and that was to be a massive bulky dude. I even managed to get up to 109kg by eating stupid amounts of food and lifting really heavy. After that I stripped it all off and got down to 79kg but was like, man where the hell has my muscles gone and how the hell do get lean with muscle?. Sure enough I spent years trying to get it right until I just thought ‘stuff it’. It was too hard and I just couldn’t get to where I wanted. When I was big I felt unhealthy and chunky, when I was small I felt weak and weedy.

Since starting with Adapt a couple of months ago some things have really just clicked for me. The biggest thing I have noticed is the change in body composition and the strength. After attending the beginners class on nutrition, I drove eagerly home and started chirping away to my fiancé at how cool this paleo thing is and that I want to give it a crack. So a week and a half in and I was ready to kill someone. To control this urge I started using almond milk for my coffees in the morning and the occasional baked beans on toast and now I am a happy camper. Doing these little things keeps me eating paleo 90% of the time. Now a couple of months on and I can’t believe how much better I feel, especially the mental focus I have.

Another thing that has changed big time is the body fat I have lost, all whilst getting a lot stronger, maintaining muscle and eating like a king. My friends have said to me ‘mate you must be living on salad to have been able to do that’. They are always blown away when I say that I eat eggs, bacon, sausage, avocado and mushrooms at breakfast. The response is ‘Bulls#*t’. I don’t know about anyone else but this kicks ass compared to those Jenny Craig diets.

In conclusion I have honestly found that doing Crossfit at Adapt has been the easiest way to get on track with how I want to look and feel. By no means am I saying the training is easy, it breaks me every time but by doing the easy thing of rocking up to a training session that have already been planned for you, putting in 100%, following the paleo rules and finding ways to stick to it (even if that means you have to break the rules every now and then), you will then seriously start growing into someone/something that is fit, focused and confident. It’s life changing and that’s great to watch.


Saturday 5.4.12

CrossFit Benchmark: The ‘Chief’

5 rounds: 3 min AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) of:

  • 3 power cleans (60/40kg)
  • 6 push-ups
  • 9 squats

— rest 1 min between rounds

Start each round from where you finished the last – eg. if you completed 4 rounds + 3 power cleans and 2 push-ups in the first 3 mins, then you’d only have 4 push-ups and 8 squats to complete the 5th, and so on and so forth…

Score: Total rounds + extras

Post loads, rounds and training notes to comments.


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  • theparrman says:

    i did 18 rounds + 4 squats.
    i also RXed it

  • Bronwyn Jackson says:

    14 + 3 power cleans at 25kgs.

    14 rounds + 2 pushups at 50kgs. That was one seriously long workout but the 3 minutes each time seemed to go too quickly when you were in motion.

  • Dave Nowlan says:

    18 rounds with 50kg

    Cheers to Jacob for pushing me through it.
    Once I finished crunching the numbers I came up with 14 rounds for you.

  • Dave Nowlan says:

    12 rounds and 9 squats. Pretty happy with that and the big box jumps instead of power cleans! Thanks guys for a hard and fun workout!

  • Dave Nowlan says:

    That was eliza in previous commet, whoops 🙂

  • Sarah Cav says:

    14 rounds. finally off my knees for pushups – super stoked to RX a workout. the power cleans were tough, thanks coaches for the tips.

  • Wal says:

    19 rounds RX’d. Good workout. Thanks for the encouragement PeteO.

  • Laya says:

    14 rounds + 3 power cleans (@ 25kg)

    I seriously found the push ups the hardest part, especially towards the end, I was struggling to do singles. Coaches egging me on helped a lot 🙂 thanks guys!
    Really enjoyed this one (no sarcasm, I swear! Honesty had a good time doing it), keen to go at it again!

  • john.mck33 says:

    18 + 6 push ups @ 50 kgs

    Apologies again to Louisa for messing up your count took some time but We worked it out.

    My lesson: I learnt how to count AMRAP today!

  • Annie says:

    18 rounds @ 30kg

  • Amber. says:

    20 rounds + 6 push up RX’d

    This could be my favourite ‘official’ WOD.

    As usual it was awesome working with Jo who set her usual cracking pace and pushed me in all the right ways. Apologies though Jo for the terrible rep number execution on my part, hopefully the extra reps I insisted on doing made up for some of the lower quality one.

  • Karina West says:

    15 rounds + 3 powercleans RX

    Powercleans were tough at this weight/rep range. Thanks Becca for encouraging me to RX.

  • Michael Honey says:

    17 rounds + 5 pushups RX. Enjoyed this workout.

  • meegs says:

    3squats off completing 11 rounds rxd weight was really tough and failed probably 7 reps so very challenging.. Push ups from knees. Also you know you’ve worked hard when your installing the dish washer and have great difficulty lifting your arms over head to put the dishes away! Ouch!

  • meegs says:

    Unpacking… Don’t know where installing came from

  • 18 + 4 squats
    Lots of subs tho-sit ups instead of push up and box jumps instead of powercleans.

    Really enjoyed this workout.

  • Cameron says:

    15 + 5 push ups. RX

    Started strong but hit the wall on push ups quickly and stalled out.

  • rosey says:

    26 Rounds 2 pushups RX’d

  • Jo says:

    19 rounds RX’d.

    Very happy with power cleans today. Push ups were definitely the limiter for me, strength disappeared very quickly. Super effort from Amber on this one, awesome to watch!

  • Nick Hind says:

    23 rounds plus 2 power cleans Rx’d

    Tough but fun.

    Great to work out with Ash, who did an awesome job.

  • PeteO says:

    16 rounds Rx’d. Great working with Wal, he’s a pushup machine.

    Now a couple of days later – quads are pretty stiff and sore.

  • >