Crossfit Total


Crossfit Total

  • 1RM Back Squat
  • 1RM Shoulder Press
  • 1RM Deadlift

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  • Chris says:

    Back Squat – 130kg
    Shoulder Press – 60kg
    Deadlift – 135kg

    Total = 325kg

  • Stubbsy says:

    Squat 135 – sales as old PB
    Press 70
    Dead 150 with good form

    Total 355

    Very keen to revisit in 8 weeks time!

  • Amber. says:

    Squat: 75kg (PB)
    Press: 35kg (well under PB)
    Deadlift: 125kg (=PB)
    Total = 235kg
    Was hoping I’d made more gains in the last 5 months.but am really looking forward to strength cycles.

    Props to Karina who smashed her old PBs. Was great to see.

  • Cameron says:

    Squat: 105kg (15kg PB)
    Press: 55kg (under my PB)
    Deadlift: 145kg (12.5kg PB)
    CFT = 305kg (35kg improvement on last time).

    Long way to go but making steady improvement, especially in my squat which has been holding me back.

    And the CFT Rankings if you’d like to see how you compare:
    And Rippetoe’s barbell standards

  • rob rigby says:

    Squat – 150kg (= to PB, much better rep though).
    Press – 65kg (PB by 2.5kg)
    DL – 160kg (=PB I think… not done 160kg for a while though)

    CFT 375kg, PB by 12.5kg. Happy with that, but more encouraging is the movements felt much better than last time I did 1RMs

  • pip says:

    BS: 70kg (pb by 20kg)
    SP: 30kg (did this weight for 3rm last week but just couldn’t manage to go above. Disappointing.)
    DL: 87.5kg (pb by 17.5kg)
    CFT: 187.5kg

    Previous CF total in November was 150kg.

  • Karina West says:

    Not feeling it this Saturday with all my lifts under my PBs.

    But my sorry state was buoyed by the links Cam sent through — strength>bodyweight puts me a bit above the intermediate strength standard. It’s also *really* helpful to have an advanced standard to aim for which takes account of bodyweight. Closing the gap between the intermediate and advanced standard within my weight category is what I’ll be aiming for now. Thanks for helping me refocus Cam!

    Squat: 55kg (PB is 60kg)
    S/press: 27.5kg (PB is 30kg)
    DL: 65kg (PB is 75kg, ‘though from memory my form was not great at this weight)

    CFT: 147.50kg (previous CFT 165kg)

    • Cameron says:

      Glad to be of assistance!

      I find the tables useful myself, especially the standards for the individual lifts, has helped me figure out where I need to focus my efforts. For instance my power clean and deadlift are intermediate, but my squat and press are still only embarrasingly novice. So I need to focus on those for a bit to bring them up to my stronger lifts. If I can do that by the end of this strength cycle I’ll be stoked.

  • Michael Honey says:

    Actually pretty good: PB’s in everything, although I’m coming from a low base.
    Squat 110 (was 100) <- not bad
    Press 55 (was 50)<- scrawny
    Deadlift 120 (was 110) <- can do better
    = 285kg

    I need to go up in smaller increments and not psych myself out.

  • lori says:

    CFT = 190
    Squat @70kg (fail 80kg, keen to have another go and go up by 5s from 70 which went up pretty easily) – was 65, and 70 was where I got into grief last year, so VERY happy
    Press @30kg (fail 32.5 x 2) – was 27.5 I think
    Dead @90kg (this felt solid, with more time would have gone for 100) – was 80

  • Nick Hind says:

    CFT: 371.5 (PB by a fair way)

    Back Squat 125kg PB (previous either 110, or 120) happy with this

    Press 59.5kg PB (previous 55) still my weak lift

    Deadlift 187kg PB (previous 175) super stoked with this! My previous PB of 175 was not long ago and it was a big jump up from 160 before that. Haven’t even been working deadlifts lately so absolutely pumped! Chuffed that it is more than 2.5x Bodyweight.

  • Karina L says:

    BS: 70 (prev PB 60)
    PP: 30 (=PB)
    DL: 85 (prev PB 75)
    CFT: 185 (prev 165)

  • sascha says:

    Back Squat : 130kg

    Press : 65kg

    Deadlift :165kg

    Total :360kg

  • Wal says:

    Back squat 100kg (PB)
    Press 55kg (PB)
    Dead lift 120kg (PB)
    Total 275kg

    Considering my BW and time training, i’m pretty happy with this.

  • Annie says:

    Back squat 55kg
    Press 25kg
    Dead lift 70kg
    Total 150kg

  • PeteO says:

    Back Squat: 110kg (PB)
    Shoulder Press: 60kg (PB)
    Dead Lift: 140kg (PB)

    CFT: 310kg

  • theparrman says:

    Back squat 100kg
    Sholder Press 57.5kg
    Dead lift 135kg
    Total 292.5
    I know it’s a bit late but good thing I watched the video Ben put up because I checked my notes and I thought I had got 262.5 (I also did my maths correctly)

  • Laya says:

    Back Squat: 40kg
    Shoulder Press: 22.5kg
    Dead Lift: 55kg

    (All new PBs)

    Total: 117.5kg

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