Saturday 15.10.11

‘Dianne’ (10 min cap)
For time:
Deadlift (100kg/70kg)

Post loads and times to comments

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  • kate says:

    My time was 8:03

  • theparrman says:

    i did 5:33
    piking pushups (sorry if i spelt it wrong)
    70kg dead lifts

  • Stubbsy says:

    Completed 15 deads and 6 HSPUs.

    I thought I’d complete this so I was a little disappointed. Need to work on deadlift form and more HSPUs.

  • ben says:

    7:34 RX’d – need to work on the HSPUs big time!

  • Nick Hind says:

    9:31 RX’d

    Pretty happy as I thought I’d go more like 15min!

    Need more volume on HSPU

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