I spoke to a mate recently and said: “Every session you miss (which you could have made) makes it harder to come back to the next. I’ve mentioned in a previous post that the hardest part of going for a run is putting your shoes on. The hardest part of coming to a CF session is just sucking it up and doing it. The more sessions you make the easier it gets. You’ll start to gain momentum and hang out with peeps that are doing the same thing. But miss a few and well, that’s where the battle really begins…

It’s all about circles.

In school, work, life and even family there are circles. These are your peeps; the people you hang out with and regardless of the setting you’ll generally find that there’s an ‘inner’ and an ‘outer’ circle. People on the inner always seem to be pushing for the ‘next’; they’re so amped to be there. They’re always looking forward to their next get together and generally have a positive outlook on the subject matter. People on the outer battle to stick with it (whatever ‘it’ may be) and seem to just keep sliding further outwards. The problem is circles have edges and the further you drift to the outer the closer you’ll get to falling off?!

Remember this:
When people choose to withdraw far from a fire,
the fire continues to give warmth, but they grow cold.
When people choose to withdraw far from light,
the light continues to be bright in itself but they are in darkness.

Obviously I’m talking about Adapt and CrossFit here but you can pretty much apply this theory to just about any ‘circle’ in life. When you’re on the outer the mind can do some pretty crazy stuff. If you miss a training session (because it’s just easier to sleep in, kick back at home/work, etc. or you’re too busy) it gets harder to come back the next time. Take a week off and the problem compounds. Not because it is actually physically ‘harder’ to come back -it’s just because your mind can start to convince yourself that you might look like a goose coming back to the crew after missing so many sessions (because you haven’t trained lately…) when in reality, everyones’s is just hanging out for you to come back again. “Come back to the inner mate… we can’t wait to get you back in the gym…” Seriously. It’s how it is. But your mind keeps messing things up.

The cool thing about being on the inner circle is that ‘everyone’ tends to keep ‘everyone’ there. Sure, it won’t be without a solid effort on your part. You have to decide to be part of it. You’re gonna have to interact with others. You’re going to get challenged. You’re going to get stretched. Trust me we’re here to expand your circle and increase you capacity, both physical and in life. But it’s at this place that you’ll also experience real growth. The people on the inner keep each other accountable. They call one another when one of them has missed a session. It’s what we try to do when we haven’t seen you for a while, although sometimes we miss the opportunity because there’s 3 of us and 60 of you. It might feel like you’re under the microscope at times but it’s this type of accountability (being accountable to more than the person in the mirror) that breeds results and leads to success.

An invitation

If you’ve been away for whatever reason. Life’s been busy, you’ve been out sick/injured and/or the mind games have started because now you’ve convinced yourself that you just can’t come back because it’s been so long. Perhaps you’ve been battling with a complete lack of motivation and getting up when the alarm goes off, putting your shoes on and heading to the gym is an almost impossible task? Well my invitation to you is this:

Come back. All the crew at Adapt want you back. Come back to our inner circle… You need to be here. Stop looking for excuses and draw a line in the sand. It’s time to step up and be accountable. That’s right, we’re going to keep you accountable – a gym that doesn’t – doesn’t care. We want you achieving your goals and if you don’t have any we’d love to help you set some. We want you to be the very best you can be (damn I’m starting to sound like the marketing dept for the US Marines) but seriously, we see the potential in you and all it takes is for you to just ‘show up’ and the community (Adapt) will take care of the rest…

I’m passionate about seeing ALL our guys get beast strong and become warriors – you know that (if you don’t we should have a coffee sometime…) I’m passionate about seeing ALL the Adapt girls become strong and beautiful, confident in their physical capacity and absolutely killing it in life! People are going to look at you guys/girls and know there’s something ‘next level’ going on. I’ve also said this before: Be awesome! Or at the very least, be working towards it because once you start heading in that direction you’ll be in a position to help and motivate others to do the same.


Sharing is Caring ;)
Coach B

Husband of @rebeccafwarren. Dad of Madz & Isabelle. Coach & Owner of @adaptcrossfit. One Passionate Dude.

  • glenn mancave says:

    so true ben.

    if you wanna be fit and have a good sense of self and not be that couch potato and think ill go next time.

    the next time you go your mate beats you on the run and the session you missed was running.

    train your weakness , this means your mind and body

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