Snatch practice

The Burgener warm up… Do it. Do it again. Do it: over and over!

We'll be spending all of Monday on this progression and if you don't think it's possible to get a sweat up on PVC, then you're probably in for a bit of a shock.

In other news…

No more Tuesday morning sessions at Belco.
There will be no more Tuesday 6am sessions at Belconnen. We just weren't able to get the numbers in the end. If we get more interest in the future we may reassess the situation, but for the time being – no bingo 🙁

The Whole30 is over (if you started 01 Jan)
If you started the Whole30 on 1st of this month and were able to stick it out for the Whole 30 days: We congratulate you! If you caved and only made 20 days – well better luck next time (But no you didn't complete the 'Whole30″) If you didn't make it I'd strongly encourage you to before June. Don't let half the year pass you by and not have done it. There's a couple more people on the Adapt crew that have decided to start the Whole30 in Feb so as always if you need more info come and have a chat…

So where to from here? It probably even more important than ever that you keep a food diary because some people have a tendency to go “well that's it… I've done the hard work… it's time to relax…” I've seen people get incredible results on the Whole30, lean out, perform better and in as little as four days let things go to shit – regain the abdominal fat, put in sub-par WOD performances and wonder why they just got hit by a Mac truck. Remember what Kstar says: “Don't be that guy!”

On a side note: I've just come into the possession of some decent quality skin fold calipers so if you really want to track body composition at the end of the Whole30 come and speak to me about taking some skin fold measurements and we'll retake in a months time too and see if things got better or 'not-better'?!

If you didn't start on the 01 Jan than that means you've still got a couple/few of days to go and now not the time to be faltering don't lose it now. It is time however to start thinking about what you're going to keep doing and what you might want to re-introduce. I can tell you right now that it 7:30am and I'm heading straight to Enter Cafe for a Machiatto (or 2) – What will you do?

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    yet another photo of Ben in the toilet

  • JW says:

    yet another photo of Ben in the toilet

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