15 minutes AMRAP:

30 Double Unders
20 One Arm Kettlebell Snatches (10 each arm)
10 Burpees
5 L Pull-ups

Post total rounds.

Post your results to BTWB

Whole30 people it's almost over?!

Well at least for the people who started on 1 January… It's been an absolutely incredible month with some incredible results. Personally I've learnt a heap about myself and what it takes to 'dial things in' for optimum physical and mental results. I've experienced the highs and the lows (getting off the crack – I mean sugar that is…), I've come close to losing it several times now and throwing in the towel but either Becca or someone else I know has kept me honest and in the end it's so been worth it…

I was over on the Whole30 blog (where I've spent quite a bit of time over the past month) and came across one of their ' 10 Things I Learned While Doing the Whole30' by Vicki Douglas…

Ten Things I Learned While Doing the Whole30

  1. I can live without Diet Pepsi
  2. I miss cheese
  3. If you decide not to eat something, you turn into a contestant on Survivor and all you think about is food
  4. Peer pressure is always the reason I will do something I don’t want to do
  5. In the end, it is my competitive willpower to prove I can do something for myself.
  6. I have learned which of my knives are sharp
  7. Three cutting boards are sometimes not enough
  8. It is possible to grocery shop at three different stores on the same day and still need to go to another one
  9. I can hit a piece of cake by accident and not lick the frosting off my hand
  10. I like when my husband calls me a hot MILF

Perhaps you have a list of 10 things you've learned while doing the Whole30 this month, or perhaps you have 5 but we'd like to hear from you. Post a comment or two listing the top 5 things you've learnt on your Whole30 journey this month…