Tuesday’s epic battle

5 rounds for time:

50 double-unders
30 box jumps (24″)
30 DB thrusters (10/8kg)

Awesome work to this morning's guys who ground it out because quiet seriously it was one hell of a Grinder! You don't have double-unders sorted then this workout is sure gonna suck big time. It's a skill people so grab your ropes and start practicing…

Also please remember that tomorrow is a  Australia Day and as such and the gym will be closed.

Got chin-ups?

If you believe that the squat is the king of leg exercises, then you probably wouldn’t waste your time doing endless sets of abductor machines, leg extensions, or any leg movements on the near-useless Smith machine, right? Likewise, the chin-up and its variations should be considered the “upper body squat,” because of its superior mass-building qualities and, as demonstrated by the performance of this remarkable young woman, its ability to develop high levels of functional strength. – Read the full article on Poliquin's site…

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