Adapt mobility session 1

Lower body (Sean):

  • Hips: distracted hip flexor stretching: 2x 2min each side
  • Aductors: bumper plate abductor C+R partner assisted stretches: 1 side each (approx 1.5-2min with 6-10 contract/relax @3-5sec)

Upper body (Ben):

  • Thoracic spine: arms extended over roller, use KB as anchor point (start hips raised/end with hips on deck) – 2x 2min
  • Shoulder: distracted with KB/DB, locked out elbow and small ext. rotations (work head of humerus to back of shoulder joint)

Great work to al the guys and girls who made it to this morning's mobility session 🙂 Thanks to Rosey as well for hooking Sean and I up with his delectable 'noatmeal' and blueberry cupcakes (yes that's right! paleo approved cooked noatmeal – yew! — 25mins @ 180degrees) Also: HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROSEY! – Sorry we didn't say something this morning.

So we hit some box squats yesterday – check out some relevant post workout stretches for box squatting from the one and only K-star…


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