At the end of last year we ran an online survey as we were keen to find out what you (all our awesome clients) wanted out of Adapt. More specifically we asked you what your top reasons for training were. It wasn't really a surprise but 'getting stronger' was in the top 3 reasons for training. So, instead of running an additional 5-3-1 strength cycle (which means additional sessions & additional costs) we've decided to integrate a strength cycle into our weekly sessions!

We've looked at a number of different strength training templates: Jim Wendler's 531, 5×5 StrongLifts, Staring Strength, etc. and have decided to have a play with Mike Rutherfords 'Max Effort Black Box template' (MEBB). Coach Rutherford has run a CF gym (Bootcamp Fitness/CrossFit Kansas City) since way back before it was cool so he's been practicing and coaching the CF methodology for years. One of his findings has been that CF clients and athletes who possess the best strength base perform the best in this sport we call CrossFit.

In short: we want to get all our Adapt girls and guys strong. If you're stronger you'll do better in workouts. If you do better in workouts you'll stay motivated and get results – and let's not forget it's all about the results right?!. For al the girls that still stress about becoming a female version of the 'Governator' (eg. Arnie back in the 80s…) please checkout the Ice Chamber Girls/Athleta Chi article: “Don't Fear Strong”

What it means to you and your weekly sessions.

What we can tell you is that we now have a set training program that runs until the end of January (just about) – so we know exactly what we'll be running for each and every session for the next month. But what it also means is this: You pretty much need to make it to as many workouts as you can, as each training session we will run will build on the previous session. So starting from Tuesday 4/1/11 (today) we're committing to a cycle that includes about 3 Max Effort (ME) strength sessions/week with CrossFit WODs on every other day. Each ME strength session (25min) will be followed by 5min rest and then a short (sub 12min) metcon (metcon = metabolic conditioning/cardio/huffy-puffy WOD) Like I said earlier, on every other day we'll run regular CrossFit WODs – we'll dip into both short duration ('Fran' & 'Elizabeth', etc.) and longer duration workouts (eg. 20min plus efforts: like 'Cindy' through to 'Murph', etc.)

We'll also be running the gym closer to a 3 ON:1 OFF template so if an 'OFF' day falls on one of the days we train (MON – SAT), then you can probably expect a recovery/mobility session (eg. a full session dedicated to recovery/mobility or maybe even some technique) Also because we only train 6 days/week to can expect the cycle to slide. – eg. Don't expect the ME days to be the same day every week (MON, WED,FRI) – because they won't… 3 ON:1 OFF explanation: Day 1: ME | Day 2: XF WOD | Day 3: ME | Day 4: REST | Day 5: XF WOD | Day 6: ME | Day 7: XF WOD | Day 8: REST | Day 9: ME | etc.

I know that's a lot to process but that means the next 7 days of training looks like this:
TUE: ME 5×5 hang power clean + short WOD | WED: XF WOD | THU: ME 5×5 box squat + short WOD | FRI: Tech/recovert/mobility | SAT: XF WOD | SUN: REST | MON: ME 5×5 floor press + short WOD | and so on and so forth…

If you've been attending sessions with a “WOD-a-day-keeps-the-doctor-away/and-me-fit” mentality but you want to get 'BEAST' strong than you might want to reconsider your approach and take a more holistic view on workouts – eg. this workout builds on that workout which builds on the one you did before that, etc. The guys who've done strength cycles with me and Sean before understand the importance of making it to every single session and it's relation to the whole cycle (Seriously this stuff really works – just ask Rosey, Sean and/or me) – I mean don't get me wrong, you'll certainly be able to do that: you can continue to come to whatever sessions you can make it to. But remember if strength is a focus than you need to understand that we're now applying a legit 3 week training cycle to all our sessions and while you'll still benefit from attending random sessions whenever you can make it, attending all the sessions in a cycle will ensure significant strength gains and a solid base to start the next cycle on – Phew! what a mouthful….

If you have any question on the new cycle we're running please don't hesitate to come and have a chat and I'll give complete low-down…