5-5-5-5-5 Box squat

5-5-5-5-5 box squat (25min)

Amit: box squat
Amit: box squat from the 6AM session – BOOM!

Rest 5 mins then:

12min AMRAP:
7 body rows
7 dips
7 toes to bar

I <3 our pull-up frame
6AM session action!

Post your results to BTWB

If you're new to the maximum effort days it's going to become absolutely essential that you write down every load and max number of reps you achieve in a strength session. This numbers are necessary to gain a better picture of what you should be lifting (approx.) in the second week of the cycle. As far as working out your individual percentages and 1RMs there are a tonne of different 1 rep max calculators available on the net – eg. you enter the weight you lifted (eg. 5×67.5kg) and the amount of reps performed and the calculator generates a 1RM, 3RM, 5RM number/s, etc…

These calculators are a reasonably good starting point if you're new to strength or unsure of what you should be lifting when we progress from the first week – eg. 5×5 (in whatever movement) and then into the second week of the cycle – eg. 5×3. But remember it should be based on a serious maximum effort. If you got to the end of the 25 minutes and still felt like you had more to give (a little bit or a lot) than you didn't achieve a max effort and inputing sub maximal loads into the calculator will result in in a sub max calculation of your 1RM…

Of course there are a number of points that you as an individual need to consider when using 1RM calculators and determining your 1RM…Things like your training age(how long you've been working out for), your muscle fiber recruitment and mental focus, etc. If you decide to use a calculator to get a ball park figure for a 1RM just remember this: It's just a ball park figure, so take it with a grain of salt and don't be limited by a suggested output or disappointed if your attempt falls short of the suggested output 🙂

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