It’s been a great year for everyone training with Adapt. Not even 7 months ago we were training out of my garage in Palmerston and now we’re training out of an awesome 300 square metres of space, right smack-bang in the middle of Belconnen. I’ve seen some absolutely incredible progress for a number of Adapt clients this year and with results of our recent online survey just in, it looks like 2011 is going to be even better. It’s been a long, tough year of training but we’ve finally made it – you’ve made it, and I congratulate you!

The boys: post WOD
Pic of the boys post WOD at Tuesday night’s ‘Franibethanne’…

But now for some arse kicking: If you’ve come this far by training hard and eating right – why on earth would you want to let things (your body) go to crap again? Sean and I notice when you don’t make it to sessions. We also notice if you’re body fat percentage has gone up – we can see it a mile away. Why would you want to slip back into old shitty lifestyle habits just because it’s Christmas?

I know, I know. It’s gonna be tough. I’ve already spoken to a number of people and already, they are tripping up, missing sessions and eating shit. They’re making poor food choices and then wondering why they feel so bad. It’s a vicious cycle. I know that Christmas is upon us and last week alone you went to like 4 Xmas/end of year parties with epic amounts of food, epic amounts of alcohol and more desserts than you could poke a stick at. But seriously… unless your boss and/or mother-in-law was standing over you with a gun barrel to your temple forcing that xmas pudding (with a a double serve of brandy custard) down your neck… “Harden-up!!” Don’t make excuses. Excuses stop you from achieving your true potential and the more you make the easier they roll off the tongue. Excuses have to potential to become a very slippery slope into a life of regret – eg. when you look at all the things you could have achieved in life but never did because you always had an excuse… I know it sounds really harsh and it’s Christmas on Saturday and all but if I don’t challenge you, who’s going to?

Learn to say “No thanks…” Learn to say “Nah, I’m all good…” Just try it – it’s incredibly empowering. You know what you feel like when you eat clean; You feel light, you feel fresh and capable. You’re able to stand tall. Your self confidence is through the roof. You walk around and think you’re the shizzle and guess what? You damn well should – you are the shizzle! You’ve done the hard yards and you’ve made the tough decisions. This is what a clean lifestyle, CrossFit and the paleo diet offer and this is what Adapt encourages.

You also know what it feels like when you make poor food choices. For a lot of you (including me) this is exactly where we’ve come from. I know too well what that sub par state of being feels like and I can tell you I it’s a place I never want to return to. That disempowered feeling of not being in control of your life. The vicious food cycle: you eat the sugary crap because it makes you feel good (if only for a short time) then the crash (followed by the powerless realization you ate shit – yet again…); you beat yourself up mentally and then you eat more sugary crap to feel good again = vicious cycle. If you know what that’s like why on earth would you risk having just one bite of your mother’s incredible Christmas cake with cream? As if you can stop!

Most of you have come far enough to realise that this Paleo thing we do isn’t a diet. It’s a lifestyle choice. You do this until you die. If you want to live in an empowered state: strong; confident and proud (both mentally and physically), then please refer to the health & fitness success 80/20 rule. It’s 80% nutrition and 20% exercise: You cannot… I repeat: CANNOT out train a bad diet. You can make it to 5 sessions a week yet if you make poor food choices you probably won’t get any results. If you stop training (eg. only make it to 1 session/week – yes, one session a week doesn’t count…) and make bad food choices as well then it’s very possible that you’ll actually go backwards and store fat instead of burn it…

“OK Ben, it’s alright for you to say – but you’re the big personal trainer and all, eating well – it’s your bag – baby… What are you going to be doing over this Christmas and New Years period?!

I’ve gotta say that it’s gonna be tough for me too. I have a real sweet tooth and I am definitely the type of guy where one bite is never enough. But because that’s the case I find the best way to avoid temptation (e.g desert) is to say no altogether. I mean I know it’ll be all good while it’s going down but then I feel like shit (physically crook and mentally down on myself) later – so I’ve got to remind myself that it’s simply not worth it 🙁

Ben’s key points to make it through the silly season intact and hit the ground running in 2011

  • Say “No” you’re probably eaten enough already – and all it takes is one more bite of some epic desert and it’s all over. Don’t make the mistake!
  • Get an accountability partner: Someone to keep you honest, someone to report to, who’ll keep and eye on you and pull you up before you smash into the wall. It could be your partner or it could be a mate. But get someone you look up to from a nutritional stand point. eg. I’ll be using Becca.
  • Make it a game and play with someone else: Your partner and/or training buddies from Adapt. I’ve made that part easy – check out the challenge below…
  • Remind yourself why you’re taking a stand: Where do you want to be on 1 Jan 2011? Back where you were 2 months ago? or at an even better level than where you are right now? Are you doing everything you possibly can to get exactly what you want in life?
  • If you do fall off the horse, Get back on it straight away: Don’t write off the next 3/8 days bingeing and say “Oh well it was Christmas and all…” that’s such a weak-ass cop-out 🙁 I can assure you you’re gonna regret it both physically and mentally so just remember this: “HARDEN UP PRINCESS!”

The aim of the game is to hit the ground running on January 1 – not come back to Adapt just to lose your holiday gains. I mean sure, Sean and I will be here, ready and able to train you but why not start the new year on fire instead of starting back where you were in August.

The Challenge: Whole30 for the month of January 2011

Your xmas/new years challenge should you decide to accept it (is this): Eat clean until the end of the year and then do the Whole30 – starting 1 Jan 2011. I’m putting the challenge out to everyone in the Adapt crew and yes, I’m including myself… What is eating clean? You’ve heard us say it before – eat meat n’ veg, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar. Stay away from your starchy carbs; bread, potato, rice, pasta. Avoid all food that has a use by date for 2015! Seriously. When grocery shopping; a general guide is to stick to the perimeter of the supermarket. Here you will find all your meat, poultry (grass fed organic), seafood(wild caught), vegetables (organic), fruit, nuts, seeds, eggs, etc… (you get the picture).

Starting 1 Jan 2011 we’re all gonna do the whole9’s Whole30 – that’s right 30 days of going 100% paleo. I want everyone to track their food and workouts with their BTWB account. For the first week of January Sean and I are also offering you a chance to get weighed in and measured up (with some pics too) so once the challenge is finished we can do another weigh and measure. If it’s all about results then what better way to track if your making progres

WHO: All Adapt clients who want to take it to the next level
WHAT: The whole 30
WHEN: 1 Jan – 31 Jan 2011
WHY: Because it’s life changing – no seriously.

If you’ve got any questions regarding the whole30 or this whole Paleo thing then please don’t hesitate to hit me up (call, chat, email, etc) – Ben

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