Only 5 days to Christmas…

Guys smashing through this morning's Hopper Deck WOD: 'Pistol Whipped'

AMRAP in 20 min:
5 Medicine Ball Cleans (20#/14#)
10 Pistols
15 Double Unders

Post total rounds.

Tonight's 6pm and 8pm sessions will be different and who knows what the HD's gonna spit out for each – Up for a double? Up for the unknown and unknowable? Sean's got the 6pm session and you can be pretty sure he'll have some fresh gymnastics stuff to show you (From Coach Tuckers' 2nd Gymnastics Cert up in Newcastle on the weekend…) I've got the 8pm session and are looking forward to it 🙂 See you there if you can make it! – Ben

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