What the? even more sessions…

Hey Guys,

I'm fresh back from Coach Tucker's gymnastics Cert and boy oh boy do I have a lot to show you guys now. One thing's for sure: we're gonna be hitting the core (your core) big time. We've got a heap new things to show you on the rings and the new message of the day is “Hands on!” What the? I'm talking about spotting and that means hands on – Yep we'll show you that too… I learnt a tonne of new things and with Sean going up next weekend too – you can be sure we'll have you guys upside down and swing about like Monkeys over the next couple of weeks…

Tucker, Ben, Chad & Jeanie @ the Gymnastics Cert

I also got the chance to to sit down with Danny and Matt from CrossFit Brisbane who gave me some absolute pearls of wisdom on running a CF box. Danny was able to talk me through some of isssues they've had through out the years and now with a regular gym membership of about 300 (running through about 150 a day) you could say they know a thing or two about what works and what doesn't, as well as the ins and outs of training clients well and enabling them to take it to the next level….

New Thursday AM & PM sessions

So, based on wanting to provide you guys with better service and be more accommodating to your personal schedules we've now added Thursday sessions to the mix as well (6am & 6pm). So if you've been keen for another session on Thursday (and we know there's been quite a few of you have) well now at least there really are no excuses…

Online survey

If you haven't already completed the online member feedback survey we'll be closing at the end of the week so if you haven't already make sure you fill it out so we get to hear any good ideas that you may have been sitting on. Remember we can only fix and/or improve issues that we know about and you don't tell us we're not going to know? So if you've got something to say please, please do (well only until the end of the week anyway)

Xmas shutdown

The gym will be shutting down on Saturday 25/12/10 (Christmas day) and will reopen for sessions on Tuesday 4/01/11. If you're taking some time off over the Xmas break and traveling interstate we wish you a safe and happy holiday. Don't worry about missing workouts though as I'll be posting a few travel WODs for you to hit over the break. If you're super keen for a session while we're closed – don't worry as Bec and I will be staying in Canberra and you can just about guarantee we'll be spending some time in at Adapt cleaning the place up and playing some ping-pong! Bring it on!

That's about it from me but just to recap:

  • New 6am and 6pm sessions on Thursday (this Thursday)
  • Online member feedback survey – have your say (because it closes on Friday)
  • Merry Christmas to you all! (stay safe/don't eat shit) – and we'll be closed but we'll be around…

Stay fit!

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