‘Hopper Deck’ Monday: ‘Diane’

‘Diane’ (15min cap)
Deadlift (100/70kg)

— Scale Deads to be hard but not back breaking. Scale HSPU with bands of bumpers as required.

It’s kinda funny you know, every Monday morning we shuffle the deck and pick a card but lately we’ve been seeing the same 3 or 4 workouts come up. I’m not sure what’s going on there but we’ve had to come up with a new rule: “Pick a new card if we’ve already done a workout within the last 2 weeks” (just to keep the variety going…)

On a side note: We like to keep things fresh for the 8pm session by picking a new card from the deck – eg. So you don’t do the same WOD that the guys did in the AM session. If you’ve been thinking about doing a double Monday’s are always gonna be a cracker – because you never know what’s gonna come up…?!

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