and we’re in.

Well it's official, Horse Land have moved out and Adapt CrossFit has moved in 🙂 It's a week later than originally proposed but “Better late than never…” I say! Sean, Becca and I worked our arses off over the weekend so now we've got a ridiculous amount of space to workout in. (You know we could probably even run 'death-by-10-metres' indoors – yay!)

Entry is off Rae St so while you can park in the center car park you'll have to walk around the corner to come inside.

Starting in December and based on your feedback, we've added the following sessions:

  • Monday: 6pm
  • Tuesday: 6am Belconnen session, 6pm

If you're hanging out for the new 531 Strength Cycles they'll be commencing early next year and we'll probably open up even more times to accommodate (currently we're thinking Wednesday nights @ 7.30pm & some other day) but those will be based on filling spaces. As always you can be sure we'll keep you posted.

On a side note: Thursdays and Sundays are rest Days for Sean and me. These day's were always gonna be non negotiable so that's why we haven't added more sessions on those days…

Stay fit & see you at your next session!
Ben, Sean and Becca
Adapt CrossFit

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