OK, So where to from here?

OK so you're awake now. You should have now dispensed or at least be aware of all the BS excuses you've been using for not achieving you potential. If you've had a good look in the mirror and you've decided that you don't need to change and that my last post doesn't relate to you because you've got it all sorted – I think you should go and read it again (A timely kick up the butt)

If you agree it's time to stop being average and start being awesome it's time to take action… It's not enough to know things are broken – we now need to address each broken thing and fix it!

I'm gonna go over the main points of my last big 'kick up the arse' post and break it down with some real world applicable actions that will enable you to get fired up and start achieving your full health & fitness potential. So here goes…

You need to make it to more than one workout every two weeks.

So come. Come to as many workouts as your body can possibly handle. CrossFit's prescription of 3 on-1 off-2 on-1 off works well for most people. Some people are able to go for 5 on-2 off. But how many sessions should you do? Chances are it's more than you're doing right now.

If you are actually managing to get 5+ workouts a week (2-3 with us/1-2 by yourself) and you're dealing with the load cool. If you're feeling a bit flat, cranky and/or beat up (an on a regular basis) than you might actually be over doing it. If that's you please come and talk to Sean and myself. We'll be able to recommend adjustments to your current training schedule and recommend/put together a supplementary training program* for you to work on when we're not around.

  • Just start coming. Come and talk to Sean and myself if you have any questions about training times, additional workouts and or personalised programs*

You need to stop undoing any of the good work you do (exercise-wise) with a shitty diet.

Here's the crux of it right here: The whole '23-to-1-ratio' Eg. we can train you for 1hr in a day but that gives you 23 hours to go and mess it all up (eg. by eating and drinking rubbish, not getting enough sleep, etc.) If you're serious about results than stop messing about. Do the whole9Lifes's whole30. Start it today. Start it at your very next meal. Don't set a start date that's next week because as everyone knows: next week never comes and you can just about guarantee when it does something will have come up to give you a reason/excuse to push back the start date eg. “Oh but I've just done my grocery shop so I won't we able to go paleo until after my next shop…. 🙁 ” Don't BS yourself. You've got to hit this on the head and do it one meal at a time…. so it might as well be your next one. DO IT NOW!

You need to stop making excuses for not exercising and no, time and money are not valid excuses.

We run over 10 sessions a week at a number of different locations across Canberra and with the possibility of brand spankin new premises in the wind it means there's gonna be a hell of a lot more sessions available sooner than you think. We run early morning sessions just about every day of the week yet I hear it all the time: “I'm just not a morning person… I can't function that early in the morning… I slept through my alarm… etc, etc….” Perhaps if you went to bed earlier and actually got a good night's sleep (8+hours) You would be ready to fire in the morning… What is your night time shut down routine like anyway? Do you even have one? Which I guess leads me onto the next point…

It's funny when I speak to people about their lack of time and then I ask them if they watch TV? “How much Telly do you watch each night?” I always get the classic response “ah, umm… well… yeah….” If you say don't have enough time to exercise, mobilize and stretch on a daily basis but manage to organise your life so that you get to watch your favorite TV show each night – it's time to realise that it's just one more invalid, BS excuse that we're gonna see right through 🙁

Understand that TV absolutely rapes you for time (“Oh you can't say that…?!” Well actually I can because it's so true!) You can easily lose two hours sitting in front of the boob tube and after your brain function is reduced to a semi-comatose state something snaps you back to reality – maybe. Actually brain waves produced during TV viewing are primarily Alpha waves – those occurring otherwise in sleep. This leads to a trance like state, so that the brain receives information without any conscious analysis or selective association. No there's a couple of key words in that: Trance-like-state?! Receives information without conscious analysis?! WTF?! Hmmm having trouble with food cravings? Perhaps television advertising is planting subliminal ideas to eat shit food… Crazy concepts I know but all you TV zombies have got to kick the habit?! What? you've actually been letting you kids watch TV too… nice.

Here's a crazy concept: Try putting away your television or unplugging the tuner/aerial. Try hitting up one of Kelly Starret's mobility WODs (on a daily basis instead – they only take about 10 mins each anyway) Apart from increases in mobility, flexibility and your general sense of wellbeing I can also guarantee that you'll probably end up spending more quality time with your greater half and loved ones, completing things that have been on you TODO list since last year and guess what? You'll probably find that you actually do have more time…

  • Stop watching telly. Stat.
  • Do K-Star's mobility WOD each and every or if you're into YOGA check out Chaz Rough's yogamazing.com podcast
  • Get a night time shut down routine (eg. by 8pm: cup of tea / 8.30-9pm: mobility and/or yoga / 9pm: bathroom / 9:15pm full house shut down and in bed, etc. you get the point…)

You can't afford it

When I was first getting Adapt off the ground and charging people $5 for a lunchtime session I got to a point where I increased it to $10/session. One of the guys that had been coming on a semi-regular basis quit. He said that he'd start coming again if the price went back down to $5. Unfortunately this guys was someone who probably needed the regular sessions the most. I guess the moral of the story is this: If you're not prepared to pay a reasonable price for life-changing instruction, motivation, and ongoing support it's sometimes(and I said sometimes) a reflection of the value that you place on your own health and fitness.

Sean and I go out of our way to make sure you get incredible value for money. We make sure we have enough equipment and that it's all maintained. We make sure you're getting the latest and most up-to-date fitness information by continuing to attend certifications – it enables us to teach you (and allows us to have a range of approaches to do so) We always encourage and invite you guys to come hang out with us at extra-curricula sessions like gymnastics. We strive to ensure that each session is fun and provides you with the variety you need to stay engaged.

You need to come and surround yourself with a group of guys and girls who are also on this journey to better fitness and health.

These people will keep you accountable and offer all sorts of support and motivation for getting you through those ‘tough’ times. This is at it's very core, priceless. Go hang out at Fitness First and Club Lime and try and then try and tell me you'll get to experience the same camaraderie we do from the guy in lycra watching Oprah, churning out another 5k on the treadmill next to you… We sweat, swear, cry, and even sometimes bleed together (eg. when you miss box-jumps or tear your hands on pull-ups) What we have and what you gain from training with the group is truly forged in blood, sweat and tears – I know that's cliche but it's completely true. It is priceless.

As I stated in my previous post: This health and fitness thing is simple. It’s simple but it isn’t easy. If it was easy everyone would be doing it. If you do take a look around it would seem that it's a lot easier to be overweight, sick and tired. It might be easier but it sure as hell doesn't look enjoyable.

If you can remember what it was like to be 20kg overweight and how shitty it felt to get up in the morning and just have life roll on, seeming to pass you by. You felt like you had no control… No control over your physical state. No control over your food. No control over your emotions. Perhaps you were sick 75% of the time or perhaps you just got around on no more than 75% most of the time. I tell you what I can remember and it totally sucked. Regardless of where you've been or what you're yet to achieve you'll generally find someone in the group who's been there before. Sean, becca and myself included. These people are absolutely invaluable when it comes to advice, encouragement and support. Search them out and/or we'll point them out.

  • Start hanging out with the group, going out for coffees with people from the group and talking to the group – You'd be surprised at the wealth of info and inspiration just about all our guys can provide you with.
  • Get an accountability partner. If not for anything else get one for ensuring you'll do what you say you will…

Life doesn't have to be an average, monotonous and painful existence. Your life can be awesome! Remember that the harder you work towards achieving a goal the more rewarding it will be when you eventually succeed!

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