DISCLAIMER: Firstly, If you're battling to make it to workouts, having trouble with this 'whole30/Paleo/eating right' thing please, please come and chat with me, Sean and or Rebecca. Don't withdraw from the group because these are clear warning signs to us that you no longer want to be held accountable for your actions…

Ok so here goes. It's time to be blunt and cut the BS.  I understand that life get's busy and as such, you now think it's OK to miss a session here and there. Your food's OK so now you think you deserve a cheat meal once a day – WTF?! You think because the kids are sick and you're doing extra shifts at work you now get a whole lot more excuses for placing health and fitness at the bottom of your life's priority list… Wake up!

  • You need to make it to more than one workout every two weeks.
  • You need to stop undoing any of the good work you do (exercise-wise) with a shitty diet.
  • You need to stop making excuses for not exercising and no, time and money are not valid excuses.
  • You need to come and surround yourself with a group of guys and girls who are also on this journey to better fitness and health — These people will keep you accountable and offer all sorts of support and motivation for getting you through those 'tough' times.

This health and fitness thing is simple. It's simple but it isn't easy. You can talk to just anyone and you'd find out that it's almost a daily battle for them to stay on the right path and do the right thing when it comes to getting enough exercise and eating right. It's almost an hourly battle for me (no shit – seriously) to eat right and I'm supposed to be that whole 'perfect-personal-trainer-who's-got-it-sorted' guy running the Adapt show. Well I'm not and if it wasn't for people like Becca, Sean and other friends keeping me accountable and in-check I'd be a total train wreck. If you understand that food affects your emotions (and it does) how much more 'in-control-of-self' could you become if you ate what you were supposed to… This shit really works.

This isn't boot camp people! It's CrossFit and from both personal experience and professional observations most Adapt clients (that actually stuck it out for more than a month: with regular workouts(3+/week) and dialed in nutrition) This shit really works!

The Adapt crew as it stands right now are an awesome group of people and as such Sean, Rebecca and myself really do care about you succeeding not only in health & fitness but life! I've tried to be more sensitive lately taking on a real 'hippy-esque' mentality of “Let it be… ah that's ok… come back again when you're feeling better…” Screw that! It's clearly not working. We actually care enough about you guys that I just had to take this opportunity to throw a bucket of cold water over you and scream “wake the F&^%k up!” This is what real friends do and this is what Adapt does. This is us keeping you accountable. This is me saying “oh no you fricken don't…”

It might sound harsh but I've got to say it would so totally crush us if we were out and about (a couple of years from now) and saw you and your families in poorer health than you are now, thinking of what could have been and regretting making all those excuses…?!

If you can stick this out their will be results. But not if you make excuses. Know it isn't going to be easy but that's why you do it with a group… You won't get results with a shitty diet (and you all know this) so stop making excuses, dial your food in and take control of your life! You know the deal (we've got it on our hoodies) “You can have results or excuses – not both.”

Have you forgotten why you signed up with Adapt. Were you after results? Or are you just ticking a box? “Yeah, um well, I do workouts… I go to the gym…” Stop kidding yourself. Prove to Sean, Bec and I that you're not quitters, whiners and sorry saps that make excuses for not being or heading towards where you told yourself you wanted to be…

So there you go. I hope that ruffled your feathers. Because if things are just rolling on and you're just OK then there's no real need to change. Don't be average – take action, be awesome! Don't make excuses – come get some results!