Stop kidding yourself. Your workout routine is a joke.

You’ve been sleep-walking from machine to machine at your health club for years with little or nothing to show for your investment. Or worse yet, you’ve cooked up a million excuses as to why you can’t work out. Your back is stiff, you’re too busy, and you’re too old—Come on now, are we that pathetic? It’s time for some rapid, healthy, drug free weight loss in Kansas City…

Our classes deliver GUARANTEED RESULTS. After one month, your transformation will be initiated. By month number two, your friends will want to know your secret. What’s it going to be… reasons, or results?

I grabbed this from CrossFit Kansas City's new home page because it's pure gold. How many friends and associates do you know, that go to mainstream gyms and just don't seem to be getting anywhere… If you do know people like this make sure you get them along to Saturday arvo's 3pm session – They can try Adapt CrossFit for Free, stop using machines and find out what it takes to become one 🙂

For more info on Saturday's 'Bring-a-Friend-for-Free' please give me a buzz on 0407900795 – Ben

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