hope QLD is sunny…

Hey guys,

Hope you're weekends going well even tho it's totally miserable outside…

Becca and I are off to Queensland on Sunday morning leaving you guys in the more than capable hands of Sean. Because we'll be away I won't be able to run Wednesday's lunchtime session @Lennox Gardens but other than that it's a pretty much business as usual 🙂

  • Sunday: rest day
  • Monday: 6am @belconnen, 8pm girls @belconnen
  • Tuesday: 6am southside session @chapman, 8pm boys @belconnen
  • Wednesday: [email protected], 6pm @belconnen
  • Thursday: rest day (or go to adults gymnastics…)
  • Friday: 6am @belconnen
  • Saturday: 8.30am @ Lennox Gardens, 3pm @belconnen

If you have any questions and/or comments please give Sean a buzz on 0431323960


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